Oqibo Hydra Restore Cream Review

AD - GIFTED | So what seems like ages ago, the lovely people over at Oqibo had sent me a little email giving me the chance to test out one of their moisturisers, as a lover of trying new skincare, I obviously accepted this kind offer!

When it comes to skincare, I do tend to keep it quite minimal, as this allows your skin to get used to the products you're using and usually helps promote better results. My skincare routine stays the same most of the year, unless I need to address some other skin care needs. In the warmer months of the year, I usually opt for lightweight products that hydrate my skin, help to brighten and promote glowing skin. In the colder months of the year, I usually need more hydrating products, usually these are slightly heaver and thicker skincare products, helping to keep my skin from getting any dry patches.

Oqibo Hydra Restore Cream

Oqibo Hydra Restore Cream

Oqibo Hydra Restore Cream

Oqibo Hydra Restore Cream
"Our story is very simple, we make great skin care products that celebrate how remarkable you are. Our mission: Happy. Remarkable. You."

I opted for the Oqibo Hydra Restore Cream*, a lightweight moisturiser that helps to restore, hydrate and protect the skin, for smoother, more radiant and healthier appearance. I felt this would be a perfect match for my skin type, as I didn't want something heavy that would clog my pores, but something that would cure my tired, dull looking skin. I've got combination skin (dry and oily)  so I can sometimes struggle to find a good morning moisturiser that doesn't end up leaving my skin oily or dry, but with over 2 months use, this Hydra Restore Cream has been perfect!

The Hydra Restore cream was really gentle on my skin, and absorbed easily and quickly, which I really look for when choosing a moisturiser, and I have really been enjoying using this in the mornings, after gently cleansing my skin. The texture is just the usual light cream product, which has a lovely smell, which isn't too perfumed or overpowering! The packaging is simple and sleek, a great size for travelling and a perfect handbag sized product. The simple black and white theme is very eye catching and appealing to me.

- Delivers immediate hydration
- Restores & restructures skin with regular daily use
- Maintains & improves moisture reserves long term
- Improves texture, suppleness and strength
- Key Ingredients: Shea Butter, Glasswort oil and Jojoba

The products that Oqibo have to offer are the Hydra Restore Cream and the Intense Moisture Defence, as well as a Purifying Cleanser/Toner and a Skin Refining Exfoliator, which I also received samples of, which I thought was a lovely touch from them, as I would be able to test out the other products in the range!

Have you heard of Oqibo before? Have you tried any of their products? What are your thoughts?

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