Spring Peach Nails ft Sparkly Nails

AD - GIFTED | If you're a regular reader of my blog, you will understand that I am probably the worst at nails and nail art, and to be honest I am just lazy! I find nail painting and nail care such a laborious, messy task that I just don't have the time to do it, hence the lack of posts!

Spring Peach Nails
Spring Peach Nails
Spring Peach Nails

I recently received some gorgeous Violet Jewel nail art stickers* from Sparkly Nails, a business that began in 2004 by Ali, and has grown in to a successful business, stocking over 100 different nail art gems!" So I thought I would give the whole nail art another go, even though I am definitely not an expert, I hope that you get the idea and like what I have done!

So as we are heading into spring, ditching those berry and dark polishes, I thought it was time to use a gorgeous, pastel peachy shade on my nails, which is Mavala Sweet* is a perfect springtime colour! What I love about the Sparkly Nails range, is that they are so easy to apply, the products are so cheap and such good quality, as well as looking incredible!

The application of these nail stickers was so easy and quick, even an amateur like me could do it! Simply paint your nails in your desired shade and allow to dry. Carefully peel off sticker using a pair of tweezers and place onto nail and press down in your preferred place,  and seal with top coat.

Products Used
Nail Polish - Mavala 397 Sweet*
Violet Jewel Floral Nail Art Stickers - Sparkly Nails*
Sally Hansen No Chips Top Coat - Superdrug

So hopefully this short post has given you a little inspiration or something to think about when thinking of what to do with your nails next. If these Violet Jewel stickers aren't to your taste, Sparkly Nails has 100's of other nail art products for you to choose from, which are sure to not harm your bank account!

Have you heard of Sparkly Nails before? What do you think of my attempt at nail art? Would this be something you would be interested in doing? What other nail polish shades would you use these stickers with?

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