Going Cat Crazy with Felix

AD| If you're a cat lover, this one is definitely for you! But if you're not, there is still some things you may not have known! I love both cats and dogs, but seeing as I've always had cats in my house ever since I was small, I seem to prefer them! Cats are very interesting creatures, they are one of, if not the most, popular pet in the world, with over 500 million cats in the world. The domestic cat sleeps for an average of 13 to 14 hours a day and lives between the ages of 12-15, they are pretty cool animals.  But they don't just have the attention of their owners, cats have come together in there hundreds, to be posted all over the internet for your viewing pleasure.

Let's take a look at some cat friendly internet facts!

Britains Cleverest Cat Felix
If you hadn't already been aware, Felix have been working on their Britain's Cleverest Cat competition, which you may have seen advertised on TV during Britain's Got Talent. The competition involved the public sending videos in of their cats doing cool tricks, in the hope of winning £5000 and getting their video shown during the final of BGT on the 7th June. After many entries, they whittled it down to the top 3 entries, which you can view in the video below, as well as checking out to see who the winner of the contest was.
As a little extra for all you cat fanatics, here's a few photos of my own pet cat! Enjoy!
Black Fluffy CatBlack Fluffy Cat

Black Fluffy CatBlack Fluffy Cat

Are you a cat or a dog lover? Do you have any favourite cat videos on the internet?

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