Quick & Easy Breakfasts with Belvita

Early mornings are never my kinda thing. Multiple alarm snoozes later and I always find myself rushing around to get ready for the day, and always forgetting to have any kind of breakfast. Cereals and toast with butter/jam/peanut butter always get a little boring, so I wanted to find something that I could eat on the go and something that was still good for you. So on a recent food shop, I browsed the aisles looking for some inspiration among the cereal bars and snack sections, and came across something I liked the look of. Enter Belvita. 
Belvita appeared to have various varieties of there breakfast biscuits, so naturally as a chocolate lover, I was drawn to the Cocoa Choc Chip biscuits, and they have definitely not disappointed! Packed with 5 wholegrains and 4 hour slow release carbohydrates, these breakfast biscuits are great for those in a rush, but still want something quick, easy and nutritious whilst on the go. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking to try something new for breakfast or even as a mid morning snack, as these are absolutely delicious!
 However, if choc chip isn't your thing, these biscuits come in a number of different varieties, including crunchy oats, forest fruits, fruit & fibre, honey & nut and milk & cereal. So there is definitely a flavour out there for everyone! I know next time I'm at my local supermarket, I will 100% be picking up some more of these as they are the perfect snack to start the day with!

Have you tried these Belvita biscuits before? What are your go-to breakfast ideas for on the go?

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