Super Speedy Vegetarian Tagliatelle Recipe

 There's no denying that I love to cook, and any kind of pasta dish is my favourite thing to eat. But sometimes making some fancy sauces or using loads of vegetables is time consuming and takes a lot of effort, especially if you struggle with your way round a kitchen. When it comes to cooking, sometimes it's all about simplicity, and my recipe today is all about that! A simple tomato sauce is the perfect accompaniment to any form of pasta. So carry on reading to find out how I make my own. Vegetarian Tagliatelle Pasta Recipe
500g fresh or dried Tagliatelle
1 x 400tinned chopped tomatoes
cloves of garlic
small bunch of basil
pinch of chilli flakes
sea salt
black pepper
Parmesan cheese 

Heat a saucepan over a medium heat and add some olive oil. 
Add the chopped garlic and fry for a couple minutes. 
Add the tinned tomatoes.. 
Season with chilli flakes, black pepper and a tiny pinch of salt.
 Cook the tagliatelle according to the packet instructions, and drain once cooked.
Toss in the cooked pasta in your tasty tomato sauce and mix well.
Serve with Parmesan cheese, black pepper and a sprig of fresh basil.

The end result is super tasty and can be put together in a matter of minutes. A great, easy recipe to follow for when you need a fast lunch or dinner idea!

Let me know if you give this recipe a go, and I'd love to hear about your quick pasta sauce recipes!

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