AA Skincare Frankincense & Rose Deep Cleansing Face Mask Review

AD - GIFTED | When it comes to skincare, my favourite part of this routine is definitely the use of face masks. I find face masks so relaxing and its a great way to really treat and nourish the skin after a long, tiring day. Simply running a nice hot bubble bath, taking your makeup off, cleansing the skin and applying a face mask, lettings it dry for 10-15 minutes, washing off and being left with plump, smooth skin, refreshed and cleansed what more could you want? 

AA Skincare Frankincense & Rose Deep Cleansing Face Mask

"Intensely hydrating and nourishing for the skin, we've used our best-selling combination of Frankincense & Rose to create a naturally effective face mask that’s especially well-suited to dry and mature skin."

AA Skincare Frankincense & Rose Deep Cleansing Face Mask

I've been using this face mask for a number of weeks now, just so I could really see the results from the product and if they suited my skin type .All I can say is that the Frankincense & Rose Deep Cleansing Face Mask is simply beautiful. The scent, the texture, the end result, all something I look for in a skincare product, and this face mask from AA Skincare really ticks the boxes. Upon application it feels so delicate and soothing, my skin just loves it! 

With features of essential oils, these help to really nourish the skin and leave it feeling moisturised, unlike some masks which can be very drying on the skin, whereas this is completely opposite! Once the mask has dried, and been wiped off with a face cloth, my skin just looked more radiant and glowing, something that really helps in these cold, winter months.

"This deep cleansing and intensely nourishing face mask will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated. Gorgeous ingredients such as Frankincense essential oil will help to rejuvenate and tone the skin, whilst Rose oil will nourish, hydrate and moisturise."

AA Skincare Frankincense & Rose Deep Cleansing Face Mask

What are your favourite face masks?

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