InstaNatural Aloe Vera Gel Review

AD - GIFTED | When it comes to moisturisers, I never tend to choose more gel-like formula as I prefer to use a more thick lotion or body butter, as these feel more nourishing on my skin, and they have just been something I have always bought and loved to use. However, in 2016, I want to try and vary the products I use and the InstaNatural Aloe Vera Gel* is something that I have really enjoyed using over the last few weeks.

InstaNatural Aloe Vera Gel

"This amazing Aloe Vera Gel does a lot more than moisturise your skin and hair. It's also the best antibacterial product to try for sunburns, acne, razor bumps, abrasions, insect bites, scratches and more! It's so helpful that you'll want to take it everywhere you go."

I've been applying the Aloe Vera Gel all over my body, especially after shaving, paying more attention to my arms and legs, and have noticed a huge difference in the texture and appearance of my skin. My skin feels softer, smoother and just looks a lot healthier, hydrated and moisturised. Another great feature of this gel I've noticed is that it has such a fast absorbing lightweight formula, that you don't need to stand around for ages waiting to dry, great for this cold winter weather, and you aren't left feeling sticky or greasy!

This ultra-revitalising antibacterial gel also works wonders for other skincare needs such as:

- Sunburns
- Acne and blemishes
- Minor cuts and scratches
- Pesky insect bites
- Razor bumps

Overall, I have really been enjoying using this Aloe Vera Geland it is something that I am really happy to have in my beauty stash, but for me personally, I think it will be a great all over moisturiser for the more warmer summer months, as it will give you a light moisturising and also protect you from the sun. only as I prefer something more thick and heavy duty in the colder months, as my skin gets quite dry.

InstaNatural Aloe Vera Gel

What are your favourite moisturisers?

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