Easy Ways To Save Money

I'm sure we are all aware at how hard it really is to save money. As one of my New Years resolutions, I want to keep up with my money saving and try to curb my spending by only purchasing things that I really need and not want. Any by no means this will be easy, its all about taking things into moderation and having the willpower to say no when wanting to spend. I have come up with a simple list of ways that I intend to help me save money and wanted to share these with you, if you're looking for some new ways and inspiration to save as well.
1. Save any loose change in a jar/piggy bank
This might sound like such a small thing to do in order to save money, but in honesty, who likes carrying around all that small change in their purses. Saving all the small change will gradually begin to build up over time, whether it amounts to £5 or £50 over the year, it is at least something you have managed to save.

2. Sell unwanted items
With apps like Ebay and Depop making it easier for people to sell there unwanted products, this is a great way to de-clutter as well as save money. I personally use Ebay and find it really simple to sell items that I no longer use or want, with the hope of getting some money back to save.

3. Create a savings account
I created a savings account last year and it is something that I feel I will really benefit from in the future. Every payday I put aside a small amount of my wages to help build up my savings, and if I have any money left over at the end of the month, I would generally add this to my savings too.

4. Use loyalty cards/ vouchers/ discount codes
Having loyalty cards is a great way to reward yourself when spending on products you may need. You'll be able to spend your money but also save up points from your purchases, that will end up in getting money off or special discounts in the future. Even when shopping online, its always great to search for discounts and voucher codes for the specific shop, even if you save just the delivery costs, that's still a couple pounds in your pocket, and if you're a big online shopper like myself, this will soon add up over your numerous orders.

5. Write your shopping lists
Whether its on paper or saved as a note on your phone, making strict shopping lists will make it easier for you to remember the products that you genuinely need and will be an attempt to stop you going overboard and purchasing things that you really don't need. Whether its for a trip to the supermarket, Boots, Superdrug, or any other store, make sure you carry a shopping list to make sure you only pick up the relevant items.

6. Use cash to pay
This is definitely something I need to start doing more. I'm always using my card to pay for products I buy as it is just a more convenient way to live. But it is also very dangerous for my bank balance. Paying with cash will allow you to feel more restricted and allow you to budget your money more carefully, so you don't overspend.

7. Try lower priced brands
For many of us, we all have our favourite brands. Whether its for food items, beauty products or clothing for example. We always stick to the things we know and love, without trying products that do the same job/look the same, but have a lower price tag. It's always good to experiment and see what it out there to purchase, so trying lower cost products instead of repurchasing your favourite more expensive, higher end products is worth a try.

8. Meal planning
Meal planning is just such a simple idea to help you save money. If you plan out what you'll eat and what ingredients you'll need from day to day, you'll be less likely to buy products you wont eat and less likely to snack on food in between meals.

9. Use up products before repurchase
As a blogger who continually writes about beauty products, I am guilty for this. I always want to try new products or purchase items from other bloggers recommendations. I have a beauty stash that could be used for my entire family for a good few months, so in 2016, I'm hoping to work my way through it all before purchasing any more unnecessary products.

10. Have more nights in
We all know that going out, whether its to restaurants, bars or clubs can be pretty hard on the old bank accounts, so why not have more relaxing nights in. Cook yourself a nice meal, watch a few films and cosy up on the sofa and chill. Or even have all your friends over for a cosy night in and just enjoy spending some quality time together.

How will you attempt to save money this year? What other simple tips could you recommend?

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