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So it has to be said, I don't have much of a sweet tooth. I rarely eat cakes and chocolates and sweets, but on the slight occasion, I tend to treat myself to something small. But when the opportunity to try and test some lovely personalised cupcakes, with my own edible photo on the top, I knew it would be a good idea!
"Our traditional family bakery has been established nearly 100 years you would be right expecting that we have perfected the art of cake making. With all that experience and knowledge passed down through the generations we can be confident in saying you will never taste a better cake! And with fantastic cake, great tasting icing and personalised with your own photo, image, artwork or logo, our cupcakes are sure to be a hit at any celebration!"

Firstly, can we just admire for a couple of moments how delicious and absolutely mouth-watering these cupcakes look. And yes, they did taste just as good as they look. I was really impressed. Such a sweet and fresh lovely vanilla flavour, my favourite cupcakes ever! They were so soft and light and moist, and featured some seriously creamy icing that was just to die for. All cupcake dreams right here. 

For the edible photo on the top of my personalised cupcakes*, I chose to use my blog button image, a simple yet bold design, combining both text and decoration, that I thought would be a great image to use, and it turned out amazing! The quality of the image used in the edible photo topper was amazing and I truly believe they turned out better than I ever expected. The cupcakes from Eat Your Photo arrived in no time at all. Such super speedy delivery, arriving safely and so well packaged, no spills or breakages. I was super happy with this and I would highly recommend to anyone after some personalised cupcakes.

Have you heard of Eat Your Photo before? Would you like to try these personalised cupcakes?

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