Healthy Living | Haul and First Impressions

This year, I have wanted to improve my health and fitness, more drastically than last year, and I thought the first thing I really needed to change was my eating and drinking habits, not that I was doing either badly, I wanted to find healthier, more beneficial snacks that I could use as replacements for some snacks that weren't so good for me.

I was recently browsing in my local Sainsbury's after work one day, looking for some new, healthier snacks to try when I came across the Kallo Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes. I'd never tried rice cakes before, but I was really impressed with these. Such a tasty, high fibre snack, I would definitely recommend these to any chocolate lovers out there, still a great chocolate taste, with much more added health benefits, without the added calories.

Another snack that I picked up recently from Amazon were the Nakd Cashew Cookie Bars
and the Nakd Ginger Bread Bars. I had tried the Cocoa Delight raw bars previously and enjoyed those, so I was hoping I'd be happy with some of the newer flavours, and I am in love, especially with the Ginger Bread Bar. It had such a sweet and spicy taste, just like Christmas! It just tastes so heavenly and I can't believe there is so little ingredients but such a great, authentic taste. These bars are a perfect on the go snack, whether you have them whilst travelling to work for breakfast, or as a simple in-between meal snack. They are super tasty and only made with very few ingredients, so there is nothing nasty or processed in these.

Since I bought my Breville Blend Active about a year ago, I've definitely upped my game when it comes to making smoothies, especially for breakfast if I'm in a rush. Smoothies are so quick and easy to make, it's a great alternative for a simple, nutritious breakfast. Recently I was kindly send a few health powders and tablets, that you can combine into your smoothies, that add great health benefits without spoiling the taste. I've been using a mixture of the Indigo Nutrition Organic Supergreens Powder* / Indigo Nutrition Organic Spirulina Tablets* / Indigo Nutrition Organic Wheatgrass Powder* and simply adding a small amount to my breakfast smoothies in the morning and I have really been liking using them. Even though you can't physically see any health benefits, you know that they are all packed with great nutrients and vitamins, it's something so easy you can incorporate into your lifestyle to lead a healthier day to day life.

Something new I'm trying this month are the Proper Pops Lime, Lemongrass and Garlic Chips*. "We pop our nutrient rich chips under pressure. They don't go near a fryer, so they're 100% FULL OF TASTE with almost 90% less fat than your average crisp." The pop chips are basically a healthy alternative to crisps, and these ones I received definitely packed a punch with the flavours used. With a slight Asian influence, the Lime, Lemongrass and Garlic flavours were something I really enjoyed and I would really like to try some other flavours from the range as these really impressed me.

Next up, water. As you may have seen in my 16 Things for 2016 post, I wanted to increase my water intake as I felt that I really wasn't drinking enough. Water is super important when leading a much healthier lifestyle, so I was super happy to receive a bottle of the Nuva Ginger and Lemon Spring Water*. I love flavoured waters, my favourite being the Volvic Lemon and Lime water. But when I tried this one from Nuva, I was really impressed. It was such a lovely, not too overpowering ginger and lemon flavour, that I drank this first thing in the morning before breakfast, just to make my body feel refreshed and get it started for the day.

Finally, another water related product here. I was kindly gifted a variety of Stur Water Enhancers* to try and test, and they have definitely helped me in my aim to drink more water and increase my daily intake. I was sent 2 Real Brewed Tea with Lemon, 1 Real Brewed tea with Peach and the Boldly Blackcurrant and Apple Flavour, all of which are super tasty, but my favourite has got to be the Real Brewed Tea with Lemon, its such a refreshing drink for the early mornings and I've been having a pint of water each day before breakfast, with a little squeeze of it, just to add some flavour. My first impressions of Stur, I would highly recommend them to anyone who finds plain water boring to drink, as these are a great little additive that can help add some fruit flavour and help you to increase your water intake. They also come in such handy travel sized containers that they are easy to take on the go an add to some water wherever you go!

What new foods and drinks have you been trying this month? Would you consider purchasing any that I have included in today's post?

* All items kindly sent for 100% honest review purposes