Primark Home Pink Lemonade Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers are extremely popular in home fragrances right now. With an amazing variety of scents available, they are a great way to add constant fragrance to your home, and they will give you a scent that's much longer-lasting than a candle. As they lightly release the scent throughout the room without flames, making them more practical and much safer to use in the home.

I decided to head to my local Primark's homeware department and pick up a Reed Diffuser, to try out for myself and see what all the fuss was about. I opted for the very fruity and refreshing sounding "Pink Lemonade" diffuser, which just screamed Summer to me! A revitalising mix of fruity flavours and lemonade make this perfect for any home!

Primarks Pink Lemonade Reed Diffuser

 Reed diffusers are so quick and easy to use... Simply remove the stopper from the top of the glass bottle and insert the reeds into the fragranced diffuser oil. The reeds soak up the scent, emitting a pleasant and fresh aroma around your home. You will need to flip the reeds over, around once a week, to avoid them drying out so that the scent of the diffuser oil can continue spreading throughout the room.

Primarks Pink Lemonade Reed Diffuser

The scent of the Pink Lemonade Diffuser is described as Rhubarb and Lemon, which to me is a perfect combination for a truly summertime fragrance. The sweet and sugary Rhubarb, combined with the zesty, zingy and citrus Lemon, makes this such a refreshing and uplifting aroma to have in the home. Super fresh and extremely fruity, it's definitely one homeware product to pick up on your next Primark trip!

Primarks Pink Lemonade Reed Diffuser

The 100ml Pink Lemonade Reed Diffuser from Primark has great lasting power. It will keep your room smelling fresh for up to 8 weeks! That's a whole TWO MONTHS! Primark have plenty of other available scents in their homeware range, so if Pink Lemonade isn't for you, there will definitely be something to suit your preferences. From Madagascan Vanilla to Vintage Blossom to Sea Salt and Lavender to Pomegranate and Fig, there is a huge variety of fragrances perfect for any home!

RRP £3.00 100ml
Also available £1.00 30ml

Have you tried Primarks Reed Diffusers before? What scents have you tried/would like to try?

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