Healthy Sambazon Frozen Fruity Açaí Vegan Smoothie Bowl Recipe

AD - GIFTED | If you're looking for the perfect treat to start your day, forget the Porridge, Pancakes and Avocado Toast... Açaí Smoothie Bowls are the new king of the breakfasts! They seem to be all the rage right now; packed with so much nutritional value, packed with vitamins, proteins and antioxidants, topped with fresh fruit and superfoods. It's the perfect breakfast for a warm Summers day... What more could you want?

Sambazon Frozen Açaí Smoothie Bowl

Sambazon* is the world’s leading producer of Açaí; one of the purest, most nutritious botanicals on the planet. Allowing Brits to create the Insta-famous Açaí Bowl at home, Sambazon is on a mission to bring real Açaí to the UK!

"Taking its name from its core goal, Sambazon stands for the Sustainable Management of the Brazilian Amazon. "

Açaí grows in the Amazon Rainforest, and it is one of the only fruits on the planet to be naturally sugar free, packed with antioxidants, and full of healthy omegas, fibre and protein. The Açaí Smoothie Bowl are ideal for enjoying as a health boosting breakfast, filling lunch time, pre and post exercise, healthy snack or as an after dinner treat. The perfect treat, with no guilt!

Sambazon Frozen Açaí Smoothie Bowl

To make the Açaí Bowl, simply remove two pouches from the freezer and run them under the tap for ten seconds to loosen them up a little. Then add the sachets to a blender with half a banana and a splash of milk. Once combined, simply pour into a bowl, ready to add your yummy extras. 

I topped mine with a variety of fresh fruit: Mango Chunks, Kiwi, Blueberries, as well as some Cacao Nibs, Dried Coconut and Goji Berries.

Sambazon Frozen Açaí Smoothie Bowl

With this being my first attempt at making a Sambazon Frozen Açaí Smoothie Bowl as well as my first time trying one, I was very impressed! It has such an earthy, natural taste, with a slight chocolatey hint, it was unlike anything I had ever tried before. Once blended, the Sambazon Açaí* has such a thick and creamy texture; think of it as a similar version to a frozen yoghurt, it was the perfect refreshing snack to eat in the morning. After eating, I felt more awake, more energised and ready to get on with my day!

If I was to make the Sambazon Frozen Açaí Smoothie Bowl again, I would definitely love to try and add some fresh Strawberries, Pineapple, Peaches and Blackberries!

Sambazon Frozen Açaí Smoothie Bowl

All Sambazon products are 100% organic, Fairtrade, vegan, non-GMO, gluten free and Kosher. The packs are available in the freezer aisle at Whole Foods Market and Ocado.

Have you heard of Sambazon? Do you like Açaí Smoothie Bowls?

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