Vinoos Luxury Adult Wine Gums

AD - GIFTED | VINOOS by AMS develops an edible wine experience without the need for alcohol, in the form of real Wine Gums. Vinoos seeks to achieve the taste of that first sip white wine in a new way, without actually drinking. A super fun and interesting new concept, making it perfect for anytime of the day, when you're craving a sweet treat. The concept is to nibble on them whilst socialising, relaxing or dining, so these would make a great gift, dinner party snack or even a beautiful wedding favour.

Vinoos Luxury Adult Wine Gums

"The Real Wine Gums are a real adult luxury.  When you have a craving of something sweet and maybe a glass of wine too, look no further than the real wine gums by Vinoos."

Vinoos Riesling Wine Gums

 The Riesling Wine Gums*

Riesling wines are something that I haven't really experienced before, but I am aware these are an increasingly popular choice among wine lovers. For me, these wine gums have a crisp and sharp apple taste, which seems to be the main flavour packed into the sweet. I also found there to be quite subtle floral hints mixed with a sweet honey taste, which added depth to the flavours.

“Nothing beats the grape perfume and lively acidity of Riesling wine.”

Vinoos Rose Wine Gums

The Rosé Wine Gums*

These wine gums have flavour hints of super juicy summer fruits; think fresh strawberries and raspberries. The wine gums have mildly acidic aftertaste which isn't too overpowering, mimicking the real taste of a glass of Rosé, combined with the sour-sweet flavours from the fruit, this would be a great flavour choice for those who aren't much of a wine drinker.

Vinoos Chardonnay Wine Gums

The Chardonnay Wine Gums*

Chardonnay is one of the most popular of all white grape varieties, and these wine gums are perfect for those who want the taste of a lovely Chardonnay without the alcoholic content. It has a very subtle wine smell, with a crisp and fresh taste, these wine gums give me a fruity vibes with a hint of bubblegum-esque flavour.

Overall, I had never experienced anything like this before. The way the taste of a real glass of wine has been captured into a wine gum sweet with 0% alcohol is incredible. My favourite flavour would definitely have to be the Rosé Wine Gums. I absolutely loved the super fresh and fruity flavours that accompanied these sweets.

 These would perfect gift for a dinner party of if you have those wine gum cravings. The range currently consists of 4 flavoured gums: a white Chardonnay, a German Riesling, a Rosé, and a red Merlot. 

Have you heard of or tried Vinoos Wine Gums before? What would be your favourite flavour?

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