Suezbana Natural Handmade Bath Bombs Gift Set

AD - GIFTED | When it comes to bath bombs, you've probably been purchasing from the likes of LUSH and Bombs Away Cosmetics... But have you heard of Suezbana?? If the answer is no, keep reading!

Suezbana is a brand of Total Beauty Ltd, specialising in crafting natural handmade beauty products from scratch. A brand with A LOT to offer; from body lotions, showers gels, shaving soaps, creams, body butters, hair products, mineral makeup, aluminium free deodorant and home fragrances, there is so much variety, you'll be spoilt for choice.

SueZBana Bath Bombs Gift Set

I was kindly gifted the Suezbana Bath Bomb Gift Sets Series 2*There are 6 Large Bath Bombs included, packed with added Essential Oils and Coconut milkAs soon as I opened the box I was blown away by the mixture of scents and the bold, beautiful colours. With a wide range of unique scents from floral to fruity, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

SueZBana Bath Bombs Gift Set
Included in the Suezbana Bath Bomb Gift Sets Series 2 are the following bath bombs;

Violet - a fresh and floral Lavender based bath bomb with a deep, rich purple colour. The perfect, dreamy scent for relaxation and pampering, followed by a good night's sleep. 10/10 from me!

Ella - bursting with fluorescent pink and green colours, this scented bath bomb has subtle hints of florals and Watermelon, a perfect summer bath bomb scent. Personally for me, this bath bomb could do with a stronger Watermelon scent that would make it even better.

Ava - If you're a lover of Raspberries, this one is for you! Packed with a super sweet punch, this bath bomb has it all; sweetness, sourness, freshness and fruitiness, it's one not to be missed.

Gracie - a bath bomb bursting with aromas of juicy fresh Peaches and exotic Papaya - it'll have you dreaming of sun, sea and sand as you are whisked way to a tropical paradise.

Lily - for me, this bath bomb didn't really have a distinct scent that I could pick out, but described on the box as Tantalising Pinacola, it would have creamy and coconut-esque aromas.

Lexi - a bath bomb with such a bright, bold and vibrant blue colour, it'll definitely turn your bath into a beautiful ocean! Packed with subtle hints of Blueberry and some fizzy sherbet; this bath bomb is like sweet heaven.

Have you heard of Suezbana before? What are your favourite scents for bath bombs?

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