FLYTE Positive Clean Vegan Energy Drinks

AD - GIFTED | FLYTE; an innovative British brand, producing entirely clean energy drinks sourced from nature, powered by organic caffeine, non-GMO and has absolutely no added artificial ingredients or added sugar. Sounds crazy that there could be a healthy, clean and positive energy drink on the market, but it's 100% true and you definitely need to try it!

FLYTE Energy Drink

FLYTE is the first energy drink of its kind and is currently available in two delicious, fruity and refreshing flavours; 

Red Berries; a taste truly satisfying and is a refreshing coffee alternative in the afternoon when energy levels are wavering for the evening ahead.

 Green Mango; this tropical thirst-quencher is truly invigorating for those mid-morning slumps.

FLYTE Energy Drink

Each bottle contains lightly carbonated water, fruit juice, natural actives and vitamins. A drink fortified with Vitamins B & C, as well as the following ingredients;

- A double shot of Organic Caffeine, harnessed from pure and antioxidant rich unprocessed, unroasted green coffee beans.

- Maca Root is high in antioxidants, Vitamin C, Copper and Iron to aid focus and concentration.

- Schizandra is a super berry that helps with blood oxygenation, to reduce muscle aches and pains, overcome fatigue and encourage fast recovery post-exercise.

FLYTE Energy Drink

I was kindly gifted some samples of FLYTE Energy Drinks to try, and the first flavour I got stuck into was FLYTE Green Mango*. Green Mango was definitely my favourite flavour of the two that I received. Packed with grapes, passion fruit, lemons and limes, it was the perfect exotic, tropical drink! It has such a sweet and crisp flavour, bursting with fresh, juicy fruit, it was absolutely delicious!

FLYTE Energy Drink

FLYTE Red Berries* was also a flavour I enjoyed! Made with strawberries, raspberries, grapes, lemon and lime, this gave me Summer Fruits vibes and I was definitely loving it! You could really taste the fresh, juicy strawberries accompanied by the sharp raspberry taste that really made the perfect pairing for this red berries drink.

Overall, I was very impressed with FLYTE. I would definitely recommend. The packaging is simply stunning. It’s so sleek, stylish and sophisticated. Contained inside a durable glass bottle, it genuinely has a really nice look to it. So much so, it'd definitely catch your eyes in the supermarket! With each flavour branded with the corresponding colour for each bottle, i.e. red for berries, green for green mango, and the use of the bird logo playing on the name "FLYTE", it helps to make the brand and the product stand out.

I felt that FLYTE did actually help me concentrate and feel alert, giving me that burst of natural energy and focus that you really need in the late afternoon. The natural ingredients packed into FLYTE meant it was the perfect pick-me-up for when I felt tired and needed a nap. The best part about a natural, clean energy drink - I didn't suffer any sugar crashes, like a normal sugar-filled energy drink would give you!

Have you heard of FLYTE before? Which flavour would you prefer?

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