First Impressions - L'oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Clear Scrub

Earlier this year, L'oreal Paris added a trio of Smooth Sugars Scrubs to their skincare range. I had already tried the Nourish Scrub and loved it, so i was 100% sure I wanted to try some more from the range. I picked up the L'oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Clear Scrub to test out, and see if it was just as good as the Nourish Scrub.
L'oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Clear Scrub
The Smooth Sugar Clear Scrub is formulated with exfoliants of 100% natural origin, made from fine sugars and kiwi seeds. The expert blend also contains 3 fine sugars; White sugar that melts on the skin while gently buffing away impurities and dead skin cells. Blonde sugar, which is a natural moisturiser, and brown sugar which is rich in minerals that help strengthen the skin's barrier. 

A perfect combination of lemongrass and peppermint essential oils are also included to help purify and detox the skin, as well as banishing blackheads.
L'oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Clear Scrub
In terms of application, I always use this on clean skin. I will use a face wash/cleanser to remove any makeup or dirt from the skin, then apply a small amount of the scrub to my face and lips. Adding a splash of warm water to help lather the product slightly and gently massage in a circular motion. The sugars really melt into the skin for a deep exfoliation and the kiwi seeds helping to tackle the pores. I use the Clear Scrub around 3 times per week to help maintain my skin and banish any blackheads or congestion.
L'oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Clear Scrub
The L'oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Clear Scrub has quick a thick and sticky consistency, with the sugar and kiwi seeds providing the perfect amount of texture to help exfoliate the face, without being too harsh on the skin. The packaging feels very luxurious. A nice, compact glass pot, that does feel quite heavy; definitely feels more high-end than drugstore!
L'oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Clear Scrub
I'd highly recommend the L'oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Clear Scrub for those will oily and congested skin, or those wanting to get rid of any blackheads. However, if the Clear Scrub isn't for you, L'oreal also have 2 other products in the Smooth Sugars range that might cater for your skin needs;
- Smooth Sugar Nourish Scrub with Cocoa Butter to exfoliate, soften and smooth skin.
- Smooth Sugar Glow Scrub with Grapeseed Oil to exfoliate and give skin a radiant glow.

RRP £9.99 
Suitable for all skin types. For face and lips.

Have you tried the L'oreal Smooth Sugars Scrub? Which is your favourite?

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