The English Rose Bakeries Marvellous Macarons

AD - GIFTED | When it comes to sweet treats, Macarons are one of the most delicious and luxurious treats out there. There's so much creativity, time and skill that are involved in making them, it's incredible and these marvellous macarons from The English Rose Bakery are no exception!

"The bakery was founded in June 2010 but the idea came a year or so before that when Emma Brown fell in love with the French ‘Macaron’ one weekend on a visit to Laduree in Zurich. After living and working in Switzerland for 4 years Emma gave up her steady day job with the dream to open a macaron shop back in Manchester."

The English Rose Bakery Macarons

"The French ‘Macaron’ or English ‘Macaroon’ comes from the Italian word ‘Maccarone’ which is derived from ‘ammaccare’ meaning to crush or beat, in this case used in reference to the almonds which are the principal ingredient in our delicious English Rose Bakery macarons."

I was kindly gifted a box of fourteen delicious macarons* which included the following amazing flavours; Vanilla, Pistachio, Raspberry, Strawberries & Cream, Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Rose, Chocolate, Matcha Tea, Praline, Banana, Hazelnut & Nutella and Chestnut. As you can see below, the flavours you get are marked out, so you know exactly what each macaron is which is such a helpful little extra.

The English Rose Bakery Macarons
The English Rose Bakery Macarons

- Vanilla - This had such a super sweet vanilla taste that was simply perfect.

- Pistachio - For me, pistachios have such a distinctive flavour, such a rich, nutty taste, that you either love it or hate it. 

- Raspberry - This was so super fresh and fruity. You got both the sweet and sour taste of the raspberry that really brought the flavours together to make one delicious macaron.

- Strawberries & Cream - Strawberries & Cream macaron was absolutely delicious. There was such a fresh and fruity strawberry flavour, topped off with a rich creamy taste. Would definitely get more of these!

- Peanut Butter - Until recently, I hated Peanut Butter. But this macaron wasn't too strong and overpowering with flavour which was perfect for me.

- Salted Caramel - Salted Caramel anything is one of my favourite flavours. Coffees, chocolates, you name it, I love it! So this macaron was always going to be a winner with me. Rich caramel with a hint of sea salt is just a perfect combination

- Rose - This flavour of macaron was quite heavily perfumed and overpowering for my liking. It definitely tasted how you would expect roses to taste like, but it wouldn't be something I would choose for myself again.

The English Rose Bakery Macarons

- Chocolate - If you're a chocolate lover, the chocolate macaron would definitely be a winner with you. It had such a rich and luxurious chocolate taste, with a thick ganache inside. Simply delicious!

- Matcha Tea - Matcha Tea was a very unusual taste and flavour for a macaron I thought. It had a slightly bitter flavour but a very fragrant smell to it.

- Praline - To me, this macaron wasn't anything too special. It has a creamy, nutty flavour, but I found it a little too sugary and sickly.

- Banana - The banana macaron was definitely one of my favourites. The banana flavouring was so strong, it tasted incredible! It really reminded me of those foamy banana sweets or the Nesquik powder milkshakes.

- Hazelnut & Nutella - This macaron was 10/10 delicious. Who doesn't love Nutella?!?!

- Chestnut - Again, another weird flavour for a sweet treat. Similarly to the rose macaron, chestnut wasn't one of my favourites simply as I didn't find the taste to be quite right.

- Espresso Mocha - A macaron with a hint of coffee is definitely a winner with me. This has such a nice coffee flavour, with a hint of chocolate. Yum!

The English Rose Bakery Macarons

As you can see from my mini reviews of each flavour, I was definitely impressed with the majority of the macarons I was kindly sent. My favourite flavours were definitely the Banana and Hazelnut & Nutella. I could eat them all day long!

The English Rose Bakery macarons come beautifully packaged in such a sleek box, with a simple company logo. The addition of the gold ribbon is a great little touch, especially if you are purchasing them for a gift for someone special or a friend, it just adds that luxurious, high end feel.

Have you heard of The English Rose Bakery before? What are your favourite flavours of macarons?

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