Festive Marzipan Christmas Treats with Niederegger Confectionary

AD - GIFTED | With Christmas only a few weeks away, I wanted to share some festive treats that I think would make great Christmas presents or stocking fillers for all the family. Especially those with a super sweet tooth who love the combination of chocolate and marzipan, then Niederegger is the perfect gift. It's unusual, it's delicious and it's super festive!

Niederegger; the worlds finest marzipan from Lubeck in Germany, founded in 1806 by the master confectioner, Johann Georg Niederegger. Their flavours include the bittersweet classic, milk, Marc de Champagne, orange, apple strudel, caramel brownie, espresso and many many more! 

Niederegger Marzipan

"The secret of Niederegger Marzipan lies in a closely guarded secret recipe, handed down over the generations, for the exact mixture of almonds, sugar and a top secret ingredients similar to rose water. Only the highest quality, natural raw ingredients are used in the manufacture of our marzipan. Niederegger is the only premium manufacturer of marzipan still producing its own almond and sugar paste."

Niederegger Marzipan

I was kindly sent the Niederegger Marzipan Christmas Hamper* which was filled with a huge selection of the most popular products, accompanied by seasonal Christmas items, perfect for the festive season ahead. 

Included in the hamper are the following products;

1 x 110g Classic Dark Chocolate covered Marzipan Bar
1 x 100g Assorted Mini Marzipan Loaves
2 x 40g Chocolate covered marzipan sticks (Amarena Cherry, Walnut)
1 x 125g Flavour of the Year Apple Strudel
1 x 100g Dark chocolate covered Santa

Niederegger Marzipan

The Dark Chocolate covered marzipan Santa is the cutest, most festive treat in the Niederegger Christmas Hamper, and for me, the perfect stocking filler for the whole family.

Niederegger Marzipan

Stick'n Go are Chocolate covered Marzipan Sticks that come in a variety of flavours including Amarena Cherry, Walnut, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate. You receive two random flavours that are included in the hamper. In the hamper I received, I was given the Amarena Cherry and Walnut; 
pure marzipan with a cherry filling / walnut pieces and rum, covered with a generous coating of milk chocolate.

Niederegger Marzipan

The new style Classic Dark Chocolate covered Marzipan Bar, made with 
pure Niederegger marzipan in the centre, generously enrobed in rich dark chocolate. If the combination of Dark Chocolate and Marzipan is something you love, you'll definitely end up eating the entire 100g bar of this. It's totally addictive! 

Also included in the hamper is the 2018 Limited Edition Flavour of the Year; Apple Strudel. A delicious Milk Chocolate coated, filled juicy marzipan and fruity apples, refined by a slight hint of cake. This would definitely be one of the tastiest treats in the gift.

Niederegger Marzipan

Finally, the Assorted Mini Marzipan Loaves. A beautiful 
eight piece assorted box featuring mini marzipan loaves covered in rich Dark Chocolate. Pure Niederegger Marzipan flavoured with Pistachio, Orange, Pineapple and Espresso Coffee. This offers such a variety, that those who love to experiment with flavours would definitely enjoy this. Especially the Chocolate and Orange loaves, a brilliant festive combination.

Overall this gorgeous Christmas Hamper from Niederegger is a perfect treat this festive season. It offers such a variety of flavours and types of chocolates, my favourites definitely being the Amarena Cherry and the Pineapple Mini Loaves, something a little bit fruity and exotic, combined with chocolate is a winner with me!

Have you tried Niederegger Marzipan before? What item from the Christmas hamper would be your favourite?

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