The Must-Have Loungewear Set from Hunkemöller

AD - GIFTED | Now that it's coming up to Winter and the colder months of the year, my pyjamas and loungewear collection seems to build up and takes up my entire wardrobe. I just can't resist the cosiness and warmness of new pyjamas/loungewear and I'm always finding myself buying new sets as they are all I seem to live in (when I'm not at work at least). I was kindly sent a matching loungewear set* from Hunkemöller, a new brand that I have recently discovered and I am in totally in love! 

Hunkemöller Loungewear

Hunkemöller; a clothing manufacturer from the Netherlands founded in 1886. With over 800 stores worldwide, as well as an online store, Hunkemöller offers a huge selection of lingerie, shapewear, nightwear, swimwear, sports clothing, hosiery and ladies accessories.

I opted for the Fleece Long Sleeved Sweater* and Lace-Up Pyjama Pants* for my loungewear set. I got them both in a size large as I wanted them to be slightly oversized and baggy for the perfect fit. Colour wise, isn't grey and pink just the most perfect and cutest colour combination you can have? I think so!

Hunkemöller loungewear

 I was extremely pleased with the loungewear set I received. The Fleece Long Sleeved Sweater* is one of the comfiest and warmest tops I have ever worn. The colour combination of the light grey and baby pink is so cute and girly, I absolutely love it. The mix of textures on the sweater is really fun and cool, the main part is just normal sweater material, combined with the super soft faux fur panel details on the chest and arms adds extra warmth. Simply ideal for relaxing on cold, winter evenings.

The grey Lace-Up Pyjama Pants* are so super soft, warm and cosy, I haven't taken them off! They are fleece lined inside and feature an elasticated waist, deep pockets, with a nice lace-up detail on the front. As well as having cuffs on the bottom of the legs; these 100% my favourite kind of joggers!

Have you heard of Hunkemöller before? Where do you usually get your nightwear/loungewear sets from? 

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