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We all love a cup of tea now and again. But sometimes you might want to switch things up and pick a new flavour tea to try. That's where Shibui Tea come to the rescue! If you've not heard of Shibui Tea before, here's a brief overview. Shibui Tea are a family run business with over 35 years of experience. The company have their head offices split between the UK and Canada. With two brothers who run the operation - John in the UK and Paul in Canada. With a large range of loose leaf tea with flavours to suit all palates, from premium classics through to fun and modern concepts. The companies teas are sourced from all over the world, primarily from China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Africa, and Taiwan. 
Shibui Tea
"Shibui is a Japanese word which has no direct translation into English. It is a way of describing something which appears simple but has actually an underlying complex nature. We feel that this sums up our perception of tea perfectly. Tea is just tea, surely? Ah – but look into it in a bit more detail and it’s a lot more complicated than that!"
Shibui Tea
 I was kindly gifted a selection of their Tea Pyramids* in a variety of delicious flavours.
The tea bags are made from a biodegradable corn starch and contain no plastic. The tags are sealed to the bags using an ultrasonic method so no glue is used. The wrapper that the tea bags come in inside the tube looks like it's made from plastic but it's actually made from a clever material called Natureflex - this is made from wood pulp and is compostable and biodegradable. Super environmentally friendly!
Shibui Tea
- English Breakfast -
Everyone loves a good cup of tea, and English Breakfast tea is definitely a winner with everyone. You just cannot go wrong with it!
Brewing: 3-4 minutes at approx. 100°C

- Matcha & Sencha -
This flavour has a really strong green tea scent with a hint of sweetness. It smells very earthy and natural.
Brewing: 3-4 minutes at approx. 80°C

- Earl Grey -
On first impressions, this Earl Grey tea has a very warm and earthy smell to it. With a blend of rich Assam and Ceylon black teas flavoured with citrussy bergamot, it's definitely a tea for the more adventurous and those who like their cuppa a little bit stronger. 
Brewing: 3-4 minutes at approx. 100°C

- Rooibos & Orange -
A zesty tea blend of organic South African rooibos with refreshing citrus fruit flavours. It definitely has hints of juicy oranges that really bring this tea to life. This tea is full of sweetness and bursting with fruity flavours.
Brewing: 5 minutes at approx. 100°C
Shibui Tea
- Chocolate & Ginger -
 With a delicious blend of warming ginger and rich chocolate, this combination sounds very odd to be made into tea, but it definitely makes a great drink! You get just the right balance between the warming ginger and the rich, velvety chocolate.
Brewing: 5 minutes at approx. 100°C

- Tropical Green -
If you're a lover of fruit flavoured teas, this one's for you. Bursting with fresh, fruity aromas, this tropical green tea is packed with juicy pineapple and peach.
Brewing: 3-4 minutes at approx. 80°C

- Mulled Spice -
All the Christmasy feels with this cup of tea. With fragrant hints of berries, orange, cinnamon and clove, it has a very deep sweet and warming scent making it a perfect flavour tea for a cold winter's night.
Brewing: 3-4 minutes at approx. 100°C

- Gingerbread-
With a warming scent of gingerbread, this tea has such spicy yet sweet notes to it. You can really smell the ginger coming through with some fruity hints.
Brewing: 5 minutes at approx. 100°C

Apart from a good cup of English Breakfast Tea, my favourites from the selection of teas was definitely the Tropical Green and the Rooibos & Orange. I love fruit teas and think they make a great alternative from the traditional cuppa!

By visiting Shibui Tea online, you can browse and choose from over 200 teas!

Have you tried Shibui Tea? What are your favourite flavours of tea?

* This post contains PR Samples sent by Shibui Tea for review purposes
  All thoughts are 100% honest

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