Superdrug Argan Hair Therapy Overnight Masque

"Indulge and pamper with the Superdrug ‬‭Hair Therapy haircare range, designed ‬‭to cater to all your haircare needs and ‬‭help give your hair back its sparkle!‬"
Superdrug Argan Hair Therapy Overnight Masque
The Superdrug Overnight Treatment ‬‭Masque is a super affordable and the perfect haircare saviour for those with dry or damaged hair. It has been specially formulated ‬‭to deeply condition and smooth your ‬‭hair for a little extra TLC - perfect for winter. Enriched with a unique blend of natural ‬‭Argan and Kukui Nut Oils that are bound to leave your hair in tip-top condition.‬ What more could you ask for?
Superdrug Argan Hair Therapy Overnight Masque
This hair mask has such a silky smooth texture, that it simply glides through the hair upon application. I like to apply this to damp or dry hair before bed, and comb through to make sure all the mid-lengths to ends are fully conditioned. I tend to not put any on the roots of my hair, as this can lead to product build up and making my hair look/feel greasy. If I don't have the time to leave this argan masque on overnight, I would use it just as a deep conditioner when washing my hair normally, using it after shampooing, as I find this works just as well. 

Once I've washed the product out, dried and styled my hair, I definitely notice a difference and it feels so much softer and silkier. The texture definitely improves and my drier ends are revived. It also adds such a shine to my hair, due to the wonder oils that are packed into this product. If you're looking for a new haircare product that will really help improve the texture and appearance of dull, dry hair, this Superdrug Argan Hair Therapy Overnight Masque should be on your list!

RRP £4.99

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