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Recently, I had the chance to try out some amazing cosmetic products from Lavera. The brand has recently launched a new collection of exciting natural and organic colour cosmetic make up products, featuring a comprehensive range that has everything you need to fulfil your makeup bags. I like to keep my makeup routine fairly simple, but I am a huge lover of eye makeup and making my eyes the focal point of my face. Something that I was excited to try was the Lavera Lash Care Serum*. I wanted to put this product to the test over 30 days to see how it could improve my eyelashes and what benefits I could get from using the serum everyday.

Lavera Lash Care Serum

This nourishing and hydrating Lavera Eyelash Serum* is formulated with organic caffeine that helps to strengthen and regenerate lashes overnight. For someone that wears mascara pretty much everyday, applying and removing mascara can take its toll on your lashes, but this serum has really helped to protect and keep my natural lashes looking full and fluttery. I also feel that the serum has helped to care for my lashes in terms of growth and fullness, making mascara application a lot easier and helping to define my eyes even more!

"End the day with happy and healthy eyelashes. Lavera Lash Care Serum is a gentle and effective way to protect and nourish each eyelash from root to tip."

Lavera Lash Care Serum

Applying the serum is super easy. Once I have fully removed my mascara with a micellar water or cleanser, I simply brush on the serum to my lashes. I hold the brush horizontally and move it from side to side with a zig-zag motion, from the roots to the ends of the lashes. I like to apply a couple of coats to both my upper and lower lash line, and leave on overnight to help rebuild and revitalise my lashes whilst I sleep.

Lavera Lash Care Serum

At the beginning of my 30 days testing the Lavera Lash Serum, you can see from the above photo that I naturally do have long lashes. However, as a mascara lover, overtime applying and removing eye makeup can lead to loss of lashes and sparseness in the lash line. The outer corners of my lash line are where I have the most fullness and length in my lashes. I wanted to see how well this serum would work to improve the overall appearance of my lashes, especially with growth in the inner corners and centre of my lash line.

Lavera Lash Care Serum

The above photo shares what my lashes looked like on the 30th day of testing the serum, and honestly, I was super impressed with the results that I had. I did notice a lot of lash growth mainly from the centre to the outer corner of my lashes. They also appeared to be a lot longer, stronger and thicker compared to when I started the test.

Lavera Lash Care Serum

As you can see from the photo above, I have applied mascara to my lashes after the 30 days are complete, and with just one coat of mascara, these are the results I am seeing. I'm extremely happy! My lashes appear thicker, longer and definitely more fluttery towards the outer corner of my eyes. A definite 10/10 from me!

Lavera Lash Care Serum retails at £12.90 and is available here.

Have you tried the Lavera Lash Care Serum? What are your favourite lash serums?

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