Injecting Some ‘Unexpected’ Into Your Look

AD| It’s very easy to get stuck in a style rut. You love your favourite jeans, you adore that old t-shirt and blouse, and as for that eyeshadow palette? Well, you’ve been using it for years! Before you know it, you realise that your look hasn’t altered for a decade or so – which means it’s definitely time for a change. You don’t have to do a dramatic image overhaul. Sometimes, just incorporating a hint of the unexpected into your style can make a big difference. Here are some tips to help you. 


Accessorise with a scarf
The humble scarf has the ability to transform an outfit. Tie it around your neck to make your favourite blouse look instantly retro-cool. Wrap it around your head as a great alternative to a hat. They’re even good for tying around your wrist as a fabric bracelet. Try layering two to create added interest.

Get your lash on
Not a fan of mascara? Try using some false eyelashes instead. For a sixties vibe, go for thick, black lashes; or if you’d prefer a more subtle look, choose dark brown, thinner lashes. A good pair of false eyelashes completely open up the eyes, creating much more drama and sex-appeal. 

Change your jewellery
Do you normally stick with delicate silver jewellery? If so, go for something bold and ethnic-inspired; such as a leather choker or fabric pendant. Alternatively, if you normally wear big statement pieces, try something petite and pretty for a change, or even some antique jewellery!

Get textural with your nails
Nail polish turns your hands into instant focal points. Rather than settling for just a pop of colour, choose some nail polish with texture, such as a glittery or crackle finish. If you’re feeling artistic, stick some cute nail stickers on too. 

Go for a different cut (of jeans)
 If you live in your skinny jeans, now might be the time to switch them up for something different. Try a slouchy boyfriend cut or a 70s flare. They’re ultra on-trend and breathe instant life into your wardrobe. You can also experiment with colour too – for example, if you usually stick to pale denim, go for navy blue or black. 

Change your fragrance
If you’ve been wearing the same scent for years, now is the time to try a new one. Choose something that’s totally different to your usual fragrance. If you normally go for a floral scent, try out something fruity or musky. Masculine fragrances are also ideal – not to mention distinctive. Sauvage perfume is a great example. 

Invest in new lip colour
Okay, so beige or nude lipstick feels nice and safe, and it’s suitable for work – hooray! But now might be the time to choose a few others shades too. A deep ruby red is perfect for going out in the evening, or if you want to get in a springtime mood, choose a burnt orange or pillar-box red. 

Get experimental! You can have a lot of fun playing around with your look – and often, you’ll find long-forgotten clothing or cosmetics in your wardrobe, just waiting to be rediscovered. Get experimental and enjoy.

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