Simple x Little Mix Limited Edition Skincare Range Review

When it comes to skincare, I like to keep my routines as basic as possible to make sure I don't overload my skin and apply too many products. I recently shared my winter skincare favourites, which included some amazing and affordable products that have helped keep my skin healthy and happy. 

If you have seen this post, then you would have noted that I spoke about the Simple x Little Mix Hydrating Booster - a super lightweight formula facial moisturiser designed to reverse 5 signs of dehydration: dryness, roughness, feelings of tightness, dullness and dehydration lines. As I really enjoyed using this product from the Simple x Little Mix collection, I wanted to branch out and test out a few more items, (I picked up 4 items in total) see how they compared and see if they improved my skin.

Simple x Little Mix Face Wash

The first product I decided I wanted to test is the Moisturising Facial Wash. Formulated for a gentle cleanse - it helps remove dirt, oil and makeup that can clog pores, without leaving skin feeling dry or tight. Enriched with vitamin B5, known to actively restore, soften, and smooth skin, this cleansing wash is especially good for dry or sensitive skin. I've been using this simply with some warm water and a face cloth for a gentle cleanse on an everyday basis, or with my facial cleansing brush for a more deep cleanse - once or twice a week when necessary.

Simple x Little Mix Rich Moisture Sheet Mask

If you're looking for something that really gives your skin that boost of hydration, the Rich Moisture Sheet Mask is what you need to try. Packed with rose extract, agave extract and natural fibres, this sheet mask is formulated to give your skin "16 days worth of moisturiser in just one application" - just what you need when the cold winter air has really dried out your skin! I tend to reach for sheet masks a couple of times a month, when needed, or when my normal skincare routine just isn't enough and I need extra moisture and nourishment.

Simple x Little Mix Hydrating Booster

I've previously mentioned the Hydrating Booster on my blog in another post, so I won't talk about it for too long. This has been such a great product to use before my moisturiser, as I am able to target the drier areas of my skin. It absorbs into the skin really quickly, and doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy or tacky. This is a product I generally use when I think my skin needs some extra hydration - mainly around my cheeks and nose.

Simple x Little Mix Under-Eye Hydrogel Mask

The Under-Eye Hydrogel Mask is perfect for those who suffer with puffy eyes and dark circles. If you're struggling with getting enough sleep, these are definitely the magic product to use to mask any eye problems and give an illusion of a brighter, smoother and more radiant under eye. Made with natural fruit enzymes, including lemon extract and pomegranate extract, as well as vitamin b3, these help to brighten the skin and radiate that healthy glow, for a more awake and refreshed complexion. I like to use these as a skin treat once a week to help keep my under eyes hydrated and bright. Simple peel the masks off and apply to the under eye area and leave for 5 minutes. How easy could it be? 

The range features the following 6 products; 
Simple x Little Mix Moisturising Facial Wash 150ml 
Simple x Little Mix Rich Moisture Sheet Mask 
Simple x Little Mix Hydrating Booster 25ml 
Simple x Little Mix Under-Eye Mask 
Simple x Little Mix Biodegradable Face Wipes 20 PC 
Simple x Little Mix Micellar Water 400ml 

"At Simple we believe in being kind to skin, the planet and people, and that’s why we have created this Limited Edition range of Simple packs in partnership with Little Mix. In the UK, nearly 1 in 3 teens have experienced bullying online so together with Little Mix and our charity partner Ditch the Label, we are making a stand. Covered with kind words, this pack celebrates and inspires others to wipe away unkind words and instead #ChooseKindness. "

Have you tested out the Simple x Little Mix skincare collaboration? What is your favourite product?

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