Social Distance Dating Tips During The Coronavirus Pandemic

AD| In the current times of uncertainty during the global COVID-19 pandemic, and the UK still facing some lockdown rules and restrictions, many single people are increasingly feeling lonely. From missing out on social interaction and finding it hard to talk to new people, but dating during these times and whilst observing social distancing shouldn't be too hard and there are plenty of ways to get your love life back on track with a few simple ideas.

social media dating

Social media usage is one of the most popular online activities, and a great invention to use if you're stuck at home during the lockdown period. You can do so many things at just a few clicks of the mouse, it's a perfect way to date when observing social distancing.

Something that is a perfect way to interact with your dates, or new-found relationships is through Facetime and video calls. These features are allowing users to interact without ever having to meet, and such calls can be made from any place at any time, making them increasingly convenient during the current circumstances. A video call before meeting in real life could be very helpful for many, especially for those lacking in confidence or those wanting to make sure they have picked the right person.

 Another creative idea on dating during times of social distancing includes virtual dates. Whether you watch the same Netflix show together at the same time, cook the same meal over video, or even order each other your favourite takeaway and send it to the other one house. There are so many ways social media can help keep the spark alive during lockdown, what other ways can you think of?

Dating apps and websites have also been a helpful tool for those who find it hard and lack confidence with meeting people. Places like Tinder, Bumble, Aberdeen dating site, and Hinge, to name a few, have really helped single people to make new friends during this lockdown period. These dating apps and websites are usually free and very quick to set up, places like can be set up in minutes, making it even quicker to meet your match!

Following a recent speech from PM Boris Johnson, lockdown measures are slowly being loosened to the point where individuals are now allowed to meet up with one person outside of their household. This could be a great opportunity for single people to go on a social distancing date, respecting the 2-metre rule of distancing in public places set out by the government. 

Social Distance Dating

A few good suggestions would be scenic park walks and indulgent picnics. This could be a very good first date opportunity as being outside can be very relaxing and calming for some, as well as dining on some really nice picnic snacks, what could possibly go wrong? Or for the more sporty of the singletons, a nice bike ride in the countryside could also be a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air, as well as getting in some exercise and bonding time with your date.

What other creative ways have you tried or know about with dating whilst observing social distancing rules?

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