How To Design The Perfect Party Invites Online

AD| Looking for a place to start designing your perfect invite for your upcoming party? You obviously want your party invitations to stand out and feature unique designs that command attention, encourage RSVPs, and ultimately get guests to attend your party. The invitation style should reflect the occasion, and take into account the age and backgrounds of the guests. The internet has a huge selection of images and fonts to use to help you design the best party invites for whatever special occasion you have coming up. 

Whether it's a birthday party, end of summer party or just a special occasion, there's simply no need to hire in the professionals or graphic designers. DIY invitations are more affordable, personable and allows you to be creative. You can tailor your party invites to suit the occasion and your own personal tastes, and they can be ready in no time at all with a little help from a few tips I have. 

party invitation

First of all, the design and layout of your party invitation is probably one of the hardest things to get right. You want to make the invitation bold, colourful and eye-catching, whilst keeping to the theme of the party. Using the right amount of images to text can really help you in creating the perfect invitation- too much text can make it boring, too many images can overcrowd the invite and not let you have pace for all the necessary information for your party. By making DIY party invitations, they’ll see that you took the time to make an invitation only for them. That will really help them to get excited about the upcoming event and show the effort you made to create the invite. Below I have created some simple template headers for party invites using some simple images and fonts, which give such perfect visual layout to the invite design.

Party InvitesParty Invites

A font can make or break an invitation design. When I'm browsing for free fonts, I like to use the Font Bundles website as they have so many styles and designs to choose from. I generally prefer to use handwritten, calligraphy style script fonts. I find that they help to create a bold, eye catching design, that would be perfect for your party invites. I really like the brush stroke or handwritten style of joined up lettering, as I feel it gives off a very simple, yet classic and sophisticated style to any text. 

Party InvitesParty Invites

Colour plays a major role when creating your party invites. The colours you choose for both the images and text, can help set the mood, theme and visual look of your invitation, as well as reflecting the type of celebration you are planning for. Bright, bold and vibrant colours could be used for a younger audience, and more muted, subtle colours could be used for a more formal party. There's no rules to follow when making your own party invitations, use the pictures and font styles you love, and get creative!

What are your tips for creating the best images and text for party invites? Have you used Font Bundles?

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