Navigating Relationships During COVID-19 Outbreak

AD| The COVID-19 outbreak has completely changed and dramatically complicated the dating game for the foreseeable future. If you’re single and dating, you’re no doubt facing special challenges during the current crisis when it comes to starting new relationships. Dating during these times has gone online and dating apps or websites have made it easier than ever for singles to get 'out' there and meet new people. Social distancing doesn’t have to mean disconnecting. Video chats are in. Small talk is out.

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As we see the UK and other countries easing out of lockdown, and slowly bringing about changes to the current social distancing measure put in place by the government. These measures allow you to meet others new people out in public whilst adhering to the rules. As there currently isn't any go ahead for going into other peoples homes and being more intimate with partners or new lovers, casual outdoor dates maybe the best option during the current coronavirus pandemic. From picnics in the local park, bike rides in the countryside and sunset beach walks to name a few, there is a never ending list of spontaneous yet romantic ideas for a socially distant outdoors date.

With social media growing faster than ever, single people are turning to dating apps for social connection and to find ways to continue to date during the current global crisis. Dating apps and free dating sites have been seeing staggering amounts of users registering more than ever during the lockdown phases. From Tinder, to Bumble, we love datesand Hinge, to name a few, becoming more popular, these platforms have given people the chance to connect with people from all around the world, as well as their local area. 

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Dating sites and apps are increasingly helping long distance couples to 'meet' safely via video calling or voice calling, helping you to grow closer and connect more with your partner. Couples are now more likely to form a relationship through online, where they can talk and virtually 'hang out' at any time and any place. With the coronavirus lockdowns, many single people now have more time to spend really getting to know someone on a more deeper level, rather than just focusing on what they look like in real life. 

The idea of virtual dates can really help bring new couples closer together and help form a more emotional bond, instead of a physical one. Whether you order the same takeaway or cook the same new recipe from the comfort of your own homes. Netflix and Chill? Why not! You can video call each other, watch the same Netflix show from your own homes and have a relaxing, comfortable night in knowing that you're both doing the same thing. If that's not really your vibe, there are plenty of other virtual date ideas to choose from and you can get as creative as you like. There's definitely less pressure when using dating sites, especially for those who get nervous easily or feel self conscious, as these methods of dating allow you to feel relaxed in your own home and allow you to be yourself, whilst talking to potential love interests.

How has dating during coronavirus changed for you? What other changes can we see?

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