Quick and Easy Spanish Dinner Party Recipe Ideas

AD| Take a trip to Spain without leaving your kitchen! Spanish food is one of my favourite cuisines to recreate at home because of the amazing flavours and vibrant colours found in every single recipe, you'll be spoilt for choice!

Perello Gordal Pitted Olives

For a few little pre-dinner snacks, these Perello Gordal Pitted Olives* are perfect. Gordal olives are one of the finest Spanish olives – bright green, plump and crisp. These Gordal olives are canned in brine with Guindilla chilli – giving the olives a little kick. 

Torres Black Truffle crisps

Torres Black Truffle crisps* are also a great alternative when looking for some snack ideas. These luxury crisps pack an intense black truffle punch and will leave your guests wanting more and more. Either eat the crisps by themselves, with dips or as part of a meat/cheese platter.

pan con tomate

Pan con Tomate is a small starter type dish and for something with so few ingredients – just toasted bread slices, tomatoes, garlic, salt and loads of olive oil – it’s absolutely delicious and so easy to make at home.

Gambas al Ajillo

Gambas al Ajillo - Another quick and easy dish that you can have made in minutes and will be a great success with your guests. The key ingredients here are prawns, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper and chilli flakes. The combination of all these flavours are to die for! I would simply serve them alone with some fresh crusty bread.

seafood paella

Last but not least, the real star of the show, we have Paella, which is perhaps one of the most famous Spanish foods in the world. It's definitely one of the first that would come to mind when thinking about Spanish cuisine. I opted to make a Seafood version with prawns, squid and mussels, but you could probably use any meat, fish or vegetables that you prefer. I also added chorizo, garlic, onions, peppers, peas, sweetcorn and green beans to make this dish super colourful. This type of dish is perfect for a dinner party as it's great to make in bulk and can allow all your guests to dig in to one big pan of food!

la chinata smoked paprika

This distinctive sweet Smoked Paprika* was the perfect addition whilst making my delicious Seafood Paella. Introducing rich colour and flavour to the paella, as well as adding a warm smoky heat which really complemented the chorizo in the dish.

What are your favourite Spanish recipes? Have you heard about Sous Chef before?

ad* | items marked with a * have been gifted by Sous Chef for review purposes

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  1. This made me hungry - and I’ve had a huge dinner tonight already haha! I love Spanish food it is my absolute favourite - the paella looks amazing😍