Top Aquamarine Engagement Ring Styles

AD| When it comes to gemstones, aquamarines are the undisputed champions of that pale blue hue that we know and love. Aquamarine engagement rings bring something a little different to the table compared to the usual diamond ring. Their colour is subtle enough that it’s still obvious from a distance that you’re engaged, and not wearing any old ring, but it’s also bold enough that people can’t help but be amazed by its beauty – rightly so! But which are the top aquamarine engagement ring styles? Let’s find out! 

Top Aquamarine Engagement Ring Styles

Classic - Of course, you can’t talk about engagement ring styles without discussing the all-time classic: the solitaire. A single stone can represent so much when it becomes your engagement ring – and it doesn’t have to be a diamond to do the trick! Aquamarine solitaires are a real thing of beauty. Not only are they a colour so pure and classic, but they also have a clearness to them that makes them suit everything.

For the type of frequent wearing an engagement ring expects, aquamarines are up to the task of matching every piece in your wardrobe! They’re also very versatile in other areas; whether you’re warm-toned or cool-toned, aquamarines will match you well. Their unique shade means they look good with white gold or yellow gold, so there’s definitely a solitaire out there for you!

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Art Deco DreamArt Deco is a style that never seems to fade away, perpetually coming back to be the star of the show in the best way. Think geometric shapes, bold structure, very architectural. If this matches your kind of style, then an Art Deco aquamarine engagement ring is the ring for you. Cuts like emerald cut, princess cut, cushion cut, and the stunning marquise cut are commonplace in Art Deco jewellery.

Aquamarines fit the Art Deco style like they were made for it. Their cool colouring and crystal-clear internal structures play with light refraction in a way that suits the hard edges and almost tough style of this kind of jewellery. Engagement rings in this style are best suited to those who are looking to make a powerful statement with their jewellery!

Top Aquamarine Engagement Ring Styles

Contemporary Cool - One of the most popular engagement ring styles of the moment is the halo ring. One central stone, with a gorgeous band, or ‘halo’, of smaller gemstones encircling it – truly stunning stuff! Diamond halo rings are a sparkling mass that’s a sight for sore eyes, it’s true, but a corker central aquamarine makes a world of difference to the overall appearance of the ring.

Getting engaged is a worthy enough time to get something special, and the aquamarine halo rings on the market are blinding! There’s also the option to get the inverted version: a central diamond surrounded by a halo of aquamarines. This allows the diamond the reign supreme if you’re into that, and still gets a pop of colour that’s to die for, as well as actually accentuating the central diamond.

Trios and Twists - A trilogy ring, for anyone not in the know, is a ring with three stones on it – surprise surprise. Trilogy rings have risen in popularity as an engagement ring choice in recent years, embodying both a timeless and fashion-forward aesthetic. Typically, they are of course three diamonds all in a row, sometimes with the central stone being larger than the stones at either side. 

It doesn’t have to be this way, however, as coloured gemstones are taking centre-stage more and more. Aquamarines are particularly suited to this style because of their stunning clarity. An aquamarine with accenting diamonds glitters unlike anything else! They’re also a popular choice for this style because of the cost-effectiveness of the gemstone. A trilogy ring starring an aquamarine will cost a pretty penny but it’s nothing compared to an all-diamond affair!

Getting engaged is a special thing, and it deserves a special ring. That rhyme was nice, but aquamarine engagement rings are nicer by far. If you’re thinking about getting engaged, consider something a little different from the usual and experiment with aquamarines. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but aquamarines are coming for the crown!

What is your favourite engagement ring style?

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