7 Step Self Care Relaxing Evening Pamper Routine

AD - GIFTED | How long has it been since you've had a relaxing pamper night? Especially with the current lockdown and everything going on in the world, it's extremely important to take a step back and enjoy some time to yourself, and there's nothing better than a self care pamper evening. Obviously one of the most relaxing and unwinding things to do is have a nice hot bath/shower, but there are a few other steps you can take for the ultimate pamper. So treat yourself today by checking my list of self-care tips to get inspired.

winter drugstore skincare

1. First things first, skincare. Is there anything better than taking your makeup off after a long day, and just feeling extremely refreshed and revitalized. I like to use a hot cloth cleanser to take off any makeup, as its extremely gentle on the eyes for those who wear mascara, eyeliner or eyeshadow. I would then opt for a facial exfoliator, or a face wash with my cleansing brush, for a deeper clean, even followed up by a face mask for that super skin detox. This leaves my skin feeling super soft and smooth. Finishing up with any products that I would use in my skincare routine, depending on my current skin needs. During the winter time, I'm ALL about hydration and getting that skin glow. Moisturising creams, serums, oils are winter essentials, and don't forget that lip balm!

winter haircare

2. Next up, haircare. Washing, drying and styling your hair can seem like such a chore, but applying a luxurious hair mask beforehand makes it so much more worthwhile. Hair masks that make my hair silky, smooth and shiny are my absolute must haves, as well as leaving my hair smelling delicious. I make sure to brush my hair thoroughly before applying my hair mask, and make sure each strand is covered from root to tip, and leave it to get to work for as long as possible, sometimes even overnight! I've also recently added the OGX Kukui Oil duo and The Hair Boss Overnight Serum to my haircare routine, and my hair has never looked better. So soft, nourished and super shiny.

3. After having a nice warm, relaxing bath/shower, it's a must have to put on some super cosy and comfy loungewear/pyjamas. Oversized is a must have as there is nothing worse than tight, uncomfortable clothing. I recently posted some super comfy loungewear finds from FemmeLuxe - think oversized joggers and cute matching co-ords!

4. Creating a cosy environment is an essential part of making your evening super relaxing and calm. Make sure to be lighting some candles, grabbing all the fluffy blankets and cushions, you could even hang up some cute fairy lights. Having a cosy environment around you can help to de-stress and give you a break from your daily routine.

organic india teas

5. Something that I've been including recently in my pamper routine is making a warm, relaxing drink. I've really been enjoying the Organic India Teas* and found these to really help destress and unwind during the colder evenings. My favourite is definitely the Tulsi Pomegranate Green Tea*. Infused with Pomegranate and Hibiscus flowers and the tangy flavour of Raspberries is a delightful combination and the perfect drink to have in the evenings. Tulsi is a great addition as it rich in antioxidants and can help to boost your immune system. The Organic India Teas are extremely relaxing, warming and delicious, and a must try for those who love green tea or even if you want a break from the usual coffee, tea or hot chocolate!

6. One part of your self care evening should be treating yourself to your favourite foods and drinks. There's nothing more comforting than ordering/making your favourite dishes, followed with a glass of your favourite drink to lift your spirits. There's so many great choices, whether you're a lover of pasta, pizza, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, the options are never ending, and there is always food to fit your mood.

7. Finally, get comfy and sit back and watch your favourite films/series. Whether you pick something from Netflix, Disney+, YouTube or just something on the TV, it's the perfect way to spend the rest of your evening. I'm currently watching Orange Is The New Black, and I'm hooked!

What are your self care pamper essentials?

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  1. Lovely post! I try to practice self care regularly but I must admit I've bee craving a real pamper day. One with a face mask, comfort food, bubble bath, and a feel-good film.