Ethical Blue Coffee Box Subscription

AD - GIFTED | Whether you a fan of Cappuccinos, Lattes, or Mochas, there's just something so energizing and refreshing about having a cup of coffee in the morning, especially if you haven't had the best night's sleep. Instead of having your daily fix from Starbucks, Costa or any other coffee shop, wouldn't it be nice to have luxurious and gourmet coffee delivered to your door? Well with Blue Box Coffee, you can do just that! Blue Coffee Box was born in 2017 as a speciality subscription for devoted coffee lovers.

"Handpicked speciality arabica gourmet coffee from 22 countries, selected for your taste preference, freshly hand-roasted in the UK, and delivered in a sleek, letterbox friendly box with origin and tasting notes."

Blue Coffee Box Subscription

I was kindly gifted one of the luxury coffee subscription boxes* from Blue Coffee Box which features two full-size bags of coffee* in a signature presentation box, and leaflets about what coffee I had received with details of the source of the product. An interesting and thoughtful touch so you can read about the origins of the products in your box! From the moment I received my box in the post, the aroma of fresh coffee hit me straight away, and I hadn't even opened my parcel yet. If you have any coffee lover friends or family members, this would make a great gift! You can receive the coffee with whole beans, or have it prepared for a cafetiere, dripper, aero press or espresso - whichever works for you!

Blue Coffee Box Subscription

"Once your taste buds have experienced gourmet coffee, they won't want anything else."

I received coffees from Brazil and Ethiopia which definitely makes a change from your standard shop bought instant coffee. The Brazilian coffee is produced by the Posses community in the Minas Gerais region. Featuring sweet nutty flavour and chocolatey notes, this coffee is simply delicious! The perfect choice if you prefer a more simple coffee flavour but with a delicious aroma. 

The Ethiopian coffee is produced on a private farm in the Yirgacheffe region by Israel Degfa. The coffee features unique flavours of Blueberry and Palma Violets, making it very unusual but very aromatic and flavoursome - if you want to try something new and interesting, this coffee is a must have!

What are your favourite coffee flavours?

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  1. This looks like something my parents would love! i don't drink coffee, but they are obsessed! :) Thanks for sharing!
    Jenna ♥
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