How to Create a Modern Industrial Interior in Your Home

AD| There are so many different interior design trends out there, each offering something different for your home. Many of these are new, modern takes on classic styles, but some trends are so timeless that their influence can be seen across countless interiors. The industrial interior is a classic look for any home, offering sharp features and deep colour contrasts full of character. Despite its traditional roots, the industrial look feels right at home even in a modern interior, offering depth to any minimalist design. 

So, how do you pull off the industrial look in your modern interior? 

Here are some key points to consider for your space. 

modern industrial kitchen interior
Cold Walls 
One of the fundamentals of an industrial-style home is the use of colder walls, such as exposed brick, metal or flat concrete. If your house isn’t blessed with these features, a cold stone pain or wall-effect wallpaper can help you achieve the look. Having cold walls is the first step to creating the deep contrasts associated with the industrial style. If you’re concerned that it might be a little too unwelcoming for your space, don’t be - you can easily negate that feeling by adding fabrics and bright industrial wall lights available here in the UK

A modern industrial kitchen interior

Strip Your Interior 
The industrial style can work alongside a range of different designs. However, for a modern look, industrial interiors work best in minimalist spaces. Try to strip your interior back to its bare essentials to achieve a truly efficient, industrial-style home. Not only does this step help bring more focus to your space’s most important features, but it can also quickly and easily make your home feel brighter and bigger! 
Expose Edges 
Another key trait of the industrial style is being slightly rough around the edges. While a modern industrial look can be more refined, it still benefits from having defined corners and angles on show. If you have older, bulkier furnishings (such as a dining table or TV cabinet), position them so their edges become more prominent. This look is particularly powerful for older pieces, allowing their character to flow through the room. 

An industrial-style wooden table with metal chairs
Natural Elements 
While the industrial style is commonly associated with cold, rough metals, it actually has a much wider scope. While metal should play a part, the industrial look can also benefit from the use of natural woods and fabrics to create a warmer home. Metal pairs wonderfully with the textures and depth of woods and high-quality fabrics. Contrasting the industrial look’s cold tones with pops of colour from warmer features is a great way to create a cosier living space. 

Recycle and Upcycle 
The industrial look is the perfect way to breathe new life into older items. Once-loved furnishings can have heaps of character, making them right at home in a dynamic industrial interior. If you have an old table or cupboard, consider giving it a light touch-up (without hiding that much-loved character) and making it a centrepiece of your new interior. If you want to get super creative, you could turn something old into something completely different - quirky furnishings, particularly using metals or woods, can work wonders in an industrial space. 

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What is your favourite aspect of the industrial style? 

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