3 Essential Luxury Skincare Products to Include in Your Routine

 GUEST POST | Does it feel like your skincare routine could use an update? Maybe it’s no longer giving you the results you are looking for, or perhaps you want to elevate your products and opt for luxury items that use better quality ingredients. 

Luxury skincare products can do wonders for your skin, no matter your skincare concerns, but the trick is knowing which products to include in your routine. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of three essential products that you can add into your skincare regime so you can see dramatic results.


It Starts with a Good Quality Cleanser
Skincare routines can differ from person to person; one thing they all need to contain is a good quality cleanser that is meant for your specific skin type. This is what preps your skin for all the steps and products to follow, so the cleanser needs to do its job well. Your cleanser should easily be able to remove any traces of makeup and oil without actually stripping your skin. Cleansers can come in a variety of forms such as gel, cream, balm, and oil and there may be a little trial and error necessary to find the right format for your skin.

Ingredients to steer clear of when shopping for a luxury cleanser are dyes, perfumes, and chemicals. All of these can be very harsh and damaging to your skin.

Targeted Serums – Addressing Your Specific Needs
Then there are serums, which is a pretty massive category. Ideally, you want to take a targeted approach, meaning you pick one specific skincare concern and choose a serum that can address it. While there are certainly serums out there that claim to be an all-in-one solution, more often than not these end up falling short. So, if fine lines and wrinkles are your main issue, pick a serum that addresses aging. If uneven skin tone and dark spots are something you want to fade, then choose that targeted serum.

As for where to slot the serum into your routine, the correct order is:
· Cleanser
· Toner
· Serum
· Eye cream
· Spot treatment
· Moisturiser
· Face oil
· Sunscreen

Facial Oils - a Luxury Experience
While the idea of using oil on your face during your skincare routine is nothing new, it has really hit its stride in the past few years. Facial oils have now become mainstream as more and more people realise just how many benefits they offer. Depending on the oil you choose, it can target such issues as dry skin, dull skin, uneven skin tone, dark spots and pigmentation, and more.

When shopping for facial oil, be sure to look into a high-end reputable brand that is known for using good quality ingredients. For example, Tata Harper is a brand that uses raw organic and plant-based ingredients. The Tata Harper experience is meant to be chemical-free, giving you the ultimate facial oil, among other products.

By adding these essential luxury products to your skincare routine, you can expect to see some beautiful results.

What luxury beauty products do you use in your routine? What products would you recommend?

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