3 Reasons Posters and Prints Make The Ideal Gifts for Mother's Day

AD – GIFTED| Looking for a unique gift idea for your mum this Mother's Day? Why not opt for something a little more personalised and choose from some stunning wall art, posters, or prints to bring a smile to her face. 

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Personalised Gifts for Everyone's Preferences
Art makes a great gift because it can be so personal to the recipient, and there are a wide selection of art styles to select from the Poster Store. You'll definitely be spoilt for choice. In my opinion, nature and botanical themed artwork is the perfect choice for Mother's Day – think scenic landscapes, soft and delicate florals and beautiful photography. If nature isn't your thing, they have other poster categories such as animals, typography, fashion and vintage, to name a few. With the vast selection of different themes & categories for all tastes, and new poster collections released all the time, there is undoubtedly something for everyone.

Mothers Day Poster Store

Bold and Colourful Addition To The Home
By selecting some wall art for your Mother's Day gift, you can help inject some colour into the recipient's home, and it can help change the whole mood and atmosphere of their personal space. If you know they have quite a neutral and minimalist home, by deciding to pick some colourful posters and prints, you can help them add some vibrancy and brightness into their personal space. Or, if they have quite a colourful, vibrant room, you could opt for something more monochrome and bold, to feature as a focal point.

For my Mother's Day gift, I opted for the “Flowers in Pink Poster”. This poster is an up-close photograph of flowers in different shades of pink. This piece has incredible detail, sharp focus and will really make a statement in the home.

Mothers Day Poster Store
A Gift That Can Always Be On Show
Prints are the perfect gift for the home, and always make a great addition to the walls in the living room or bedroom. By choosing wall art as your gift, the recipient can display it in their home, and will remember you each time they see it during the day. It will be a long-lasting gift that can be cherished for years and years.

Mothers Day Poster Store

To complete your posters and prints, there are a variety of high quality frames to purchase in different colours and sizes. I opted for the stylish copper frame, as I felt this really compliments the pinks that are used in the floral image, and offers a beautiful contrast to the poster.

The Poster Store offer a wide variety of sizes for all posters, prints, and frames online – from 13×18 to 70×100, allowing you to pick the best pieces for your Mother's Day gifts or for the size space in your home you have to decorate. The online collection of unique prints will help you create the perfect gallery wall, tailor-made for any home. All the posters are printed on sustainably produced high-quality paper, helping to minimise any damage to the environment. 

 Use code: LAURABLOG45 for 45% on all posters (except Selection Posters and frames). Not combinable with other discount campaigns. Valid from 18th of March to 18th of April.

What gifts for Mother's Day will you be purchasing?

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