5 Ways To Invest In Your Sleep

GUEST POST| Sleep is as important to our bodies as food and water. It is good for the mind and soul as well as the body. Making an investment in your sleep is investing in you and your health. These five simple ways to invest in your sleeping and get a better night of rest should help you get more from the day.


Get a Better Bed
The support your body receives is a key component of a restful night of sleep. It is hard to get decent quality, deep sleep if you are tossing and turning when you should be resting.

Your bed is the base for your sleep. Worn or broken beds cost people dozens of hours of sleep a week and many days of sleep over a year. Making an investment in a better bed is worthwhile. It can also be an attractive way to revamp the decor of your bedroom. For designer beds that will help you rest easy at night, check out https://www.denelli.co.uk/. They are an Italian Furniture Store with a massive range of designer beds that can suit any space and style. Many have practical bedroom storage solutions that will help keep your sleeping space tidy.

Invest in a High-Quality Mattress
Once you have the bed sorted, it is time to upgrade your mattress. No matter how supportive and comfortable your bed frame may be, without a decent mattress, you will not get a good sleep.

Mattresses have become big business lately. It is a highly competitive market between online suppliers and traditional brick and mortar bedroom stores. You can reap the rewards of this healthy competition by bagging a great deal on a luxury mattress. There are some things you need to consider when mattress shopping. You should do some research on firmness levels to find the right one for you. People who suffer from joint pain or back problems may need a hard mattress to give their body the extra support it needs during sleep.

Some people prefer a softer mattress that they can sink into a little. This can give a coddling effect that can help soothe and relax you as you fall to sleep. It reminds us of being coddled like a baby and helps our bodies to get into sleep mode. Nothing improves the quality of your sleep better than a well-made mattress.

Make Sleeping an Event
Good sleep requires some thought. With a little planning and preparation, you can get more from your rest and feel energised throughout the day. Get your sleep right, and you will be happier and more productive.

Prepare yourself for sleep and make bedtime an event. Relaxing in the bathtub before bed can help put your mind and body in the mood for rest. Reading is another good plan. This can help clear your mind and push the cares and worries of the day away until morning. 

Try not to eat just before bedtime, as this can keep you awake or affect your dreams if you do get to sleep. If your stomach is still doing work while you are trying to rest, you will struggle to drift away. Stay hydrated, though, as this will help your body to relax. Keeping a glass of water or a water bottle by the bed is a good idea.


Add Exercise to Your Daily Routine
Physical exercise during the day will help you get a better night’s sleep later. Exercising just before bedtime is not recommended as this will energise the body and wake up your muscles. In the hours before bed, a walk should be the limit of your exercise.

Visiting the gym during the day definitely helps get better rest, though. Even if you cannot push yourself to do a full workout every day, some light cardio or lifting should set you up for a good sleep at night. Yoga can help you improve the quality of your sleep too. Many people do not see yoga as exercise, but stretching and working your muscles does strain the body a little. A few poses will get your muscles limber and ready to relax, so a ten or fifteen-minute yoga session before bed can be a worthwhile investment in your sleep.

Tidy Your Room
These three words could be a dreaded chore dished out by parents when you were younger, but they had your best interests at heart. Having a cluttered and untidy bedroom is bad for your sleeping pattern. It is hard to be calm when surrounded by chaos. Spend some time during the day to clear the clutter and organise your sleep space. This is where clever storage in your bed can come in very handy. Try to find a place for everything that needs putting away and create a clean and clutter-free sleep sanctuary.

Following these tips should help you achieve the dream of better sleep. A little time and money can go a long way when you invest them in better rest. Get your sleep sorted now, you will not regret it.

How do you get a better night of sleep?

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  1. I fully second the comfortable high quality mattress. It goes a long way. Staying hydrated and keeping a check on what time one sleeps is a great practice I think. That's a nice post. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger