Is Working on a Superyacht the Right Career for You?

 GUEST POST | Lifestyles of the rich and famous have always appeared glamorous and out of reach, but just because you might not have a million-dollar fortune, that doesn’t mean you still can’t get a slice of the action. OK, so working on a super yacht isn’t the same as sipping champagne and soaking up the sun on the deck, but this can be a very exciting career all the same. If you are someone who doesn’t mind the idea of spending your days out on the open water, here are some other highlights this kind of job could offer you.


A Sense of Adventure
Perhaps the most obvious benefit to working on a super yacht is the opportunity for great adventures. This kind of career can be particularly attractive to those who would like to travel as they work, and as long as you don’t get seasick, this could be the perfect way to do it. You will also meet a variety of people who are using the yacht for their vacations and the other staff aboard. You could forge life-long friendships with your fellow crew members, which can be a fantastic reason to try this type of career.

The Opportunity to Indulge You will be working on the yacht, and these glamorous facilities will be for paying guests, but that doesn’t mean you will never have the chance to enjoy these yourselves. When the yacht is vacant, the captain or the owner might allow you to use the facilities on board as a reward for your hard work. This might not happen on every yacht you work on, but it is certainly a possibility that it can be a wonderful additional perk.

A Good Income
Another benefit to working on a super yacht is the salary you could make – not to mention the tips! As there will be a lot of wealthier and more influential people on board, this often means very generous tips for the crew members. It can be a great bonus to add to your bank account, allowing you to enjoy your days off at these beautiful ports and other destinations. You could even choose to put this cash into savings for a future home, travel plans, or whatever else you want. You might also be entitled to tax breaks for crew members that are away frequently. Learn more about it from this tax service for UK seafarers. You will also save on living expenses, as food and accommodation are covered on board.

An Opportunity to Develop New Skills
When you are working in an environment like this, you will need specialist training to help keep yourself, your fellow crew, and the guests safe at sea. It can be a fascinating experience; these aren’t skills everyone will have. In addition to this, you will also develop a lot of transferrable skills like great communication and customer service, as a few examples.

Life at sea might not be the right choice for everyone, but working on a super yacht can be an amazing experience and a wonderful job worth looking into.

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