5 Ways To Get Motivated For A Better Lifestyle

Getting motivated is the best way to start/continue with your fitness/diet routine or just leading a better lifestyle, but finding that motivation can definitely be hard sometimes, especially if you don't have the support, knowledge or guidance that you really need.

In today's post, I'm going to be sharing with you my top 5 tips to getting motivated, and tips that I have started using myself, in order to get fit and healthy! As I said, I'm definitely no expert, but I'm hoping what I do, with motivate, inspire and help you with where you want to be/what you want to do!
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1. Exercise with a friend/family member or your partner
We all know that exercising on your own, or improving your diet can be very hard if you don't have the support and help from others around you, but starting your fitness/diet journey with someone else can make it 10 times easier for you! Having someone you know, who are close with and feel comfortable around, is a great way to feel motivated and encouraged. It's also a way to build a closer friendship/relationship, to get to know someone better, or even just to have some fun and let your hair down, whilst getting sit and healthy!

There may be those times where you feel like you just cant do something or you're struggling with something, but having that someone there with you can give you that extra boost and guidance you need, as well as that moral support, that can spur you on to achieve your goals and aspirations!

2. Set goals and keep a fitness diary
Setting yourself goals, and by goals I mean realistic and achievable ones, whether you want to loose 5lbs in 5 weeks, or 1 stone in 2 months, dropping 1 or 2 dress sizes or even entering a running event, just make sure they are realistic and reasonable! Setting goals helps you to keep focused, motivated and determined to get to that place you want to be, whether you choose a few weeks, few months or even a year.

Keeping a fitness diary/log is a great way to record your progress and see how far you've come! It's a great way to record your weight loss, your exercise routine or even how far your running/swimming/cycling each week! You'll be able to see how you're improving and progressing, to get to the place you want to be at the end!

Setting goals and keeping a fitness diary, can also be a way or treating and rewarding yourself. By reaching your goals by certain dates/months, you can treat yourself to something as a way to feel proud and pleased of how far you've come and what you have achieved!

3. Purchase workout clothing/accessories
This might sound like a bit of an obvious one, but ACTUALLY buying your workout clothing and accessories gets you motivated to start using it and begin your fitness/diet routine. There are so many different clothing items out there, whether you want proper fitness gear or even a plain top/vest and tracksuit/leggings, there's always something for very body shape and budget, you just pick what you feel comfortable and confident in!

Important things that I feel you should really have are...
- A good, supportive pair of trainers
- A comfortable sports bra
- Comfortable clothing/swimwear
- A water bottle
- Yoga/exercise mat

I feel that these are the very basics that you need to begin getting in shape and leading a healthier and fitter lifestyle. You can pick most of these up anywhere, in your local high street, supermarkets or even online. If you're on a tighter budget, there are still places for you, check out the sales in your local shops and online! You'll be sure to find something you'll love!

4. Create a workout schedule
Creating a workout schedule or routine is a great way to begin getting fit and healthy. By sticking to your schedule, this gives you something to stick to, be committed to and doesn't allow you to "cheat". Even if you choose to go running once a week, exercise at home everyday or go to the gym twice a week, sticking to this will boost your confidence and give you that encouragement you need to stick to your routine.

I think that creating one of these is a great idea, you can build up your schedule slowly, making sure you're not doing too much to exhaust yourself, just make sure you are flexible and realistic, and when you feel the time is right, you can slowly and steadily, build up your routine gradually.

5. Feel inspired and be determined
To get motivated, feeling inspired and being determined plays a huge role in this. There are many ways to do this, and here's just a few.

- Having photographs of yourself, or areas of your body that you aren't happy with dotted around in your exercise area, is a great way for you to feel motivated and determined to improve this.

- If you're looking to lose weight, buying something you love in a small dress size, will give you that boost and determination, to be able to fit into it and look great!

- This is probably a controversial one, but having images of celebs/role models that you think have a great body or just look great, will help you get inspiration!

- Printing out motivational quotes and putting them around your house, will help give you that encouragement you need to continue and stick to your routines!

So hopefully, If you're someone who is lacking that little bit of motivation, have no idea where to start or need some more help, this post has helped you that little bit! Getting that motivation you need to be successful and achieving your goals can be hard at first, but once you're there, you can do anything!

How do you get motivated? Do you include any of these tips? What other tips do you have?

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