5 Small Tips To Help Get Fit and Healthy at Home | Part 1

I am going to be sharing 5 simple tips, that you can incorporate into your everyday life, that can get you on your journey to leading a healthier and fitter lifestyle! I am no way an expert in this field, but what I have learnt in the past, is what I shall be sharing with you!

workout routine

1.Healthy Eating and Balanced Diet
One of the most important, influential and easiest ways to have good health is through having a healthy, balanced diet. Eating well and drinking plenty of water also prevents any future disease/illness and helps to remove any toxins/waste from the body, as well as maintaining a healthy body weight.

Making sure you have a balanced diet allows you to get all the nutrients your body needs to functions, and there are 5 main groups that you should focus on; Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Minerals, Fats, Fibre and Proteins. These are all essential for providing energy, growth, repair, bodily functions and keeping your cholesterol levels controlled.

Tips for a healthy, balanced diet...

- Eat lots of fruit and vegetables

- Cut down on saturated fats, salt and sugars

- Don't skip breakfast

- Eat the correct amount of calories your body needs to function

- Eat a wide range of foods to make sure you are getting all nutrients 

2. Follow A Routine or Schedule 
I spoke a little about this in a previous post, so I wont go heavily into detail here, but sticking to a routine/schedule is a great way to start a fitness/health plan, that you can follow and modify as you progress. By sticking to your schedule, this gives you something to stick to, be committed to and doesn't allow you to "cheat".  

3. Avoid Any Distractions
Distractions - this is what would stop us from achieving our goals, reaching our targets and following our schedules. 

Technology can be one of the biggest distractions, whether its your mobile phone, your laptop, your favourite TV show etc. These make us lose our concentration and will make us feel less motivated to workout, as something else you would prefer to do/watch is there. Even your friends and family can be a distraction to you, if the pop over your house without you know, invite you out for a meal/night out etc, this can put you off your routine and stop your progress.

Its always important to stay focused, stay motivated, stay determined and forget those distractions!

4. Have A Comfortable and Spacious Workout Environment
If the gym is a no-go place for you, whether it be dues to lack of confidence or just lack of funds, working out at home can be free and easy - as long as you have the environment for it. Having a large, spacious room, gives you a lot of room to workout in, where you have the space to do various exercises and activities.

5. Make It Fun!
I think its definitely important to make exercise and healthy eating fun, we don't all want to feel stressed and depressed, and just generally lazy and lethargic! 

Exercise can be fun right? Maybe get a group of your friends round and do a workout or dance DVD, go running with your partner or go over the park with your family for a game of football or whatever sport you like to play, just make sure its something you like and you know you will enjoy!

Having a healthy diet doesn't always have to be unappealing or boring, in fact it can be delicious and tasty! Now having a healthy diet doesn't mean you just have to eat vegetables and fruit everyday, you can make near enough any of your favourite meals, but with healthier ingredients, that taste amazing are are better for you!

How do you get fit and healthy at home? What tips and tricks do you have? 

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