Boots Skin Clear Ultra Treatment Cream

By Laura Thornberry - 13:00

"Boots Skin Clear Ultra Treatment Cream is a unique formulation with ingredients scientifically proven to penetrate pores, fight spot-causing bacteria and help to prevent breakouts."

So whilst browsing the Boots website, I found this little gem hiding amongst some of the skincare products, at first I was a little dubious about this, but after trying it out for several months, I'm pretty glad that I picked it up! I would say this is quite similar to the Effaclar Duo+ from La Roche Posay, from the way the products works and the results I have seen from both.

The formula is of this treatment is a lightweight gel, with a slightly cream consistency that applies smoothly and absorbs into the skin quickly, and also has a clean and fresh scent which I don't find too strong or unpleasant. I've been using this product after cleansing my skin, both day and night, applying directly to any problem areas to target the spots/redness, and then following with a moisturiser. After using this, any spots or redness I have have been reduced within a day, and have disappeared after a few days, which has left my skin clear and looking much better.

Have you used this treatment cream? Would this be something that you would like to try? What spot treatments are you currently using?

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  1. following the salicylic acid peel treatment my skin has improved a lot with reduced spots, so now I think that for remaining I should give this a try.

  2. Most of the Boots products do what they say and this seems no exception. I have been looking for something to reduce redness on my cheeks so will give this one a try. Visit to get professional aesthetics training.