6 Easy Money Saving Hacks To Help You Reach Your Financial Goals

One of my goals I've set myself for 2019 is to become more of a money saver. I want to try and hold back on my spending and see in what ways I am able to save more money each month. Previously, I have just set aside a certain amount of money each month that goes straight into my savings account and watched that account grow and grow. But recently I've thought to myself that I can attempt to save even more and I've thought of a few ways to do this that will help increase my money saving this year. 
As well as saving regular amounts of money each month from my paycheck, something new I've found this year has been the 52 week money challenge. By far one of the simplest savings technique that I have looked into. You simply follow the plan each week, watch your savings grow and before you know it, you'll have a good amount of money stored away. The challenge is pretty straight forward. The first week you add £1 into your savings, the next week £2, the week after that £3 and so on…. By the 52nd week you will have put away a whopping £1,378. I know it doesn't seem like much but you're few pounds every week really do add up.

2. Withdrawing Money
With the invention of contactless payments through your bank card or mobile phone, it's become so much easier to spend money without even thinking about it. When you're using this payment method numerous times a day, £10 here, £5 there, it can really add up and make a huge dent in your funds without you even realising. Something that can help you stop the splurging is to withdraw a certain amount of money, whether that be daily or weekly limit. This way you know exactly how much money you have and how much you have left to spend. I'm using this method to help me budget better, make better choices and to value the amount of money I have so much more.

3. Cheaper Alternatives
This way of money saving can be used for a variety of things. There are always cheaper alternatives available if you look for them. I'll be using this saving hack in terms of groceries and cosmetics. The idea of buying supermarket/drugstore own branded products can produce significant savings, and 9 times out of 10, the product is pretty similar to the more expensive, well known brands. So if you can knock a few pence off your shopping bill each week/month, it will all add up.

4. Make Coffee At Home
I'm sure we've all been there. Woke up late, got ready in a hurry and rushed out to your local coffee shop before work to get your caffeine fix. I know I'm guilty of this. My local Starbucks is right by the bus stop I use to get to work, and the smell of coffee in the morning is sometimes far too tempting when you're still half asleep. But £3-£4 for just a coffee seems a little steep, especially when you can buy a large jar of coffee for the same price.

5. Save Loose Change 
This is a money saving hack that I have recently been doing and it's definitely a way to save a small amount of money. I've rummaged around my old handbags/purses and to my joy I've found myself quite a handful of coins that I now keep in my current backpack. Whenever I'm out and about, having this loose change is great as if you end up going shopping, you can do part payments where you use cash and card. Therefore even if you can take off a few pence or pounds from the balance of your shopping, you still will save yourself some money in the long run.

6. Write a list before you go shopping – and stick to it.
One of the easiest ways to save money is to only shop when you have a list. You will typically end up making impulse buys and unplanned purchases if you don't have a strict list to shop for. Impulse purchases are all things that cost money, so using a list will also help you avoid buying food you might waste and end up throwing away.

How are you saving money this year?

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