6 Ways I'm Improving My Finances in 2021

 Happy New Year!

2020 may not have been the year we had hoped for and it is definitely one we wont forget. This year seemed to be full of negativity and uncertain times, with Coronavirus, multiple lockdowns, working from home and staying indoors, it's definitely been a rollercoaster year. But one positive for me was managing to continuously work on improving my finances and working towards a savings goal which I'm extremely happy and proud about. I'm hoping that this will continue in 2021, in an attempt to reach an ever bigger goal of mine financially, and here's 6 ways I'm going to use to help me with my targets and get on top of my finances.

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1. Savings Account - I mentioned that in 2020 I was lucky enough to reach my savings goal of 5 figures. This was mainly due to the multiple lockdowns, where I wasn't spending as much money as I would usually. This may not seem like a lot of money but having somewhere to direct that money to definitely helped. Every month, I would deposit an amount of money from my wages, along with an money I had earnt through sponsored posts and advertising. This method really worked for me as I was able to physically see how much each month I was putting away to be saved, yet still leaving enough money in my main account for the month ahead, and whatever I have left in my account before payday, that money also gets transferred to my savings.

2. Spend On Essentials - This is definitely something that I've been working on over the last few months. I've been quite strict on myself when it comes to spending, and making sure that I only purchase necessary and essential items. A few ways I've managed this is by trying to use up my beauty stash, re-wear and re-style clothing items for example. It's definitely been important for me to use what I already have in order to save some extra pounds.

3. Use Discount Codes and Vouchers - I'll admit it, I always seem to be on the hunt for discounts and vouchers, especially when shopping online. I always check my emails for discount codes, or simply have a quick google sometimes strikes lucky. I've also got both the Honey and Pouch extensions added to my internet browser, hoping that one of them will give me some savings when taking my shopping basket to the checkout. You may only save a few pounds each time, but it definitely adds up over time, and I can assure you, the money is better in your pocket!

4. Sell Unwanted Items - This is perfect for decluttering your home and getting rid of unused, unwanted or unworn items, and giving them a better home somewhere else. I've been listing unwanted clothing, shoes and other bits and bobs on eBay recently, and it's definitely helped me save a few coins whilst emptying my wardrobe.

5. Save Up Spare Change - This is a really quick and simple way to add some extra funds into your life. Every time you get change or find some money laying around in your coat or handbag, add it to a money jar or money box. It may only seem small to begin with, but over the year it will definitely add up. I've done this previously a few years ago, and had just over £100 in change!

6. Find Cheaper Alternatives - This doesn't have to be for everything, as many of us will definitely have holy grail items or products we just cant live without. But if you're on the hunt for something new, definitely try out cheaper brands/products, as you may really be surprised with what you can find. There are so many brands offering such affordable but high quality products, you'll definitely be able to save some money by testing them out, and you never know, you may repurchase in the future!

What ways will you be improving your finances in 2021? Do you have any money goals?

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