Monthly Favourites | December

December Favourites

Monthly favourites time has come around very quickly again, and I've made a huge list of things that I've loved throughout December. If I included everything on my list this time, we would be here all day reading about the products and items on my favourites list. Obviously Christmas was an overall favourite of mine, I love giving presents and celebrating with all my friends and family. As well as my nieces 1st birthday on Christmas Eve, which was really special. But I also had a list of mainly beauty favourites for the month, so let's see what I've been loving through December!

 I mentioned both The Body Shops Berry Bon Bon Shower Gel and The Body Shop Berry Bon Bon Body Lotion in a recent post of mine - 2018 Festive Favourites from The Body Shop. It was definitely my favourite scent from the Christmas range that they released for 2018. Enriched with cranberry seed oil from the floodplains of North America, this juicy and fruity seasonal scent that is packed full of delicious winter berries. I've stocked up on both products as I really don't want them to run out any time soon! The scent is just so fresh and fruity, it lingers on the skin for hours. These shower gels lather up so well, you only need the smallest amount ever. The body lotion has such a rich, creamy formula, it feels so nourishing and moisturising on the skin

Another favourite of mine has been the Aussie Mega Shampoo. I mentioned this product previously in my Aussie Haircare Gems blog post and it's become a staple haircare product in my routine. Aussie is a brand that I repeatedly go back to as I know that their haircare works for my hair type and I really love the scent of all their products. The Aussie Mega Shampoo is the perfect product to use for hair that wants to be clean every day. This daily shampoo packed with Kangaroo Paw Flower extract, helps to cleanse the hair and scalp, and leaves you with beautiful, healthy shiny locks. The shampoo lathers up really well, so you can work it into the hair and scalp for a good, deep clean and get rid of any product build up.

Usually for work, I pick up the ALDI All Butter Croissants, as these are a perfect breakfast or snack for on the go. You can get them in a pack of 8 for just £1.09 which I think is super affordable and a great price to pay for a breakfast snack. Although very different from the traditional French croissant, these ALDI ones are very soft, rich and buttery. Super tasty and a great way to start the day, alongside your morning coffee.

For Christmas, I received a box of the Lindt Lindor Assorted Chocolates and I've already finished the entire box. Lindt is definitely one of my favourite chocolate brands. The truffles are incredibly smooth and delicious, you can't just stop at one. The assortment contains milk, extra dark, milk with hazelnut pieces and white chocolate truffles, all of these are to die for but my favourites are definitely the original milk truffle and the white chocolate.

Throughout December, my go-to fragrance has been the Ghost Eclipse Perfume. I've been wearing it pretty much everyday. The bottle itself is absolutely stunning. A rich orange coloured glass bottle in the shape of a crescent moon, with a rich gold cap. It's beautiful to look at, as well as the smell. A very playful and addictive scent, bursting with very fresh, fruity and floral aromas. With hints of fresh lemon, mandarin, apple and peach, it's a perfect fragrance for summertime, but I like it all year round!

It wouldn't be a December favourites post if I didn't include the Primark Cosy Socks. These are a staple of mine all year round, but I love to get new ones around Christmas time. Primark's Cosy Socks are one of the most comfortable, warm and cosy socks I have ever worn. I've got countless pairs of these in my sock drawer and they are something I repurchase time and time again as I cannot fault them whatsoever. At a bargain price of £1.80 for two pairs, it's extremely hard not to stock up on all the new colours and designs they have.

Another beauty favourite of mine has been the Dove Nourishing Care Shower Oil. This has been my shower staple, as well as The Body Shop Berry Bon Bon Shower Gel throughout December. The Dove Shower Oil has been the perfect product to keep my body hydrated and moisturised during the colder winter months. Infused with non-greasy Moroccan Argan oil, it cleanses, moisturises and protects from dryness to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch. It's a really lightweight oil, that lathers really well in the shower, followed by a gorgeous deep and rich Argan oil scent. Priced around the £5, it is definitely something I would recommend you to try if you suffer from dry skin during the winter.

Finally, how could I not include the 2018 Bloggers Secret Santa. This year, I opted to take part in a Secret Santa over on Twitter. I was kindly invited by Casey to join in with a 2018 Bloggers Secret Santa. I think they are a fantastic way of networking and meeting new people. It also gave me the opportunity to share my blog and chat with fellow bloggers who I would have never of known about. The Secret Santa was super easy to get involved in. There was an Elfster group set up, where everyone was matched to another individual taking part. You had the opportunity to make your own Wishlist's, so the person who was buying for you had a little idea of the things you would like and your interests.

As soon as I opened my gift box up, this was all I could smell. The first wrapped up gift was a Cupcake Bath Bomb with Red Berries. This filled my whole box with such a beautiful fresh and spa like scent.  Secondly, I received The Body Shop Wild Argan Hand Cream. A Primark Home Sloth "Hang in There" Mug. Finally, I received  both The Body Shop Green Tea Bath Bomb and Coconut Bubble Bar. I've wanted to try these for the longest time, yet I have never actually purchased them myself.

I had the pleasure of buying two Secret Santa gifts this year. Due to a few people dropping out from the gift exchange, I decided I would purchase for someone who didn't have a partner and I bought gifts for both Casey and Alicia. I had to do quite a lot of stalking on both the girls to find out what they liked, as well as using their Elfster Wishlist's to create the perfect Secret Santa gifts for them. 

What have been your favourite things for December? Did you all have a great Christmas and New Year?

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