10 Ways To Have Fun As A Singleton on New Years Eve

AD| New Year’s Eve, the biggest party night of the year. Celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of the next should be fun and enjoyable for everyone. Right? But as a singleton, you're probably thinking this is the night we all love to hate. Will I have plans? Will I be counting down til midnight alone? Will I get my midnight kiss? If you're still not sure, I'm going to share with you great ways you can have fun as a singleton and 10 activities to do on NYE that will increase your odds of meeting someone that night.

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1. Go to your local nightclub
Most nightclubs will have a special event or themed party for New Years Eve. They are always very popular, so make sure to grab your ticket early. Whether you're into pop, rock or house music, there will definitely be a nightclub that suits your music tastes, and you might just find your significant other at an event like this, as you'll definitely have something in common.

2. Head to a firework display
Welcome the new year in style by attending a fireworks display - the one in London is always a great celebration and absolutely phenomenal. With a spectacular fireworks display on the River Thames as Big Ben strikes midnight and crowds gather to welcome in the new year, you'll definitely be surrounded by fellow singletons for you to keep your eye on, and grab for that midnight kiss!

3. Host a singles party
Hosting a party is a solid way to keep busy as well as not dwell on the fact that you are single. But why not grab all your single friends and their friends together and have a great night in. Whether you order in some pizzas, put together a buffet or even host a cocktail event, having a house full of other singles will allow you to mingle with all the guests and you might even get introduced to someone new and find someone you're interested in that night.

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4. Download an adult dating site / dating app
Whether you're looking to make friends, find a partner, have a no strings attached dating style or just casual sex dating, joining a dating site like No Strings Dating can be an easy way for you to have fun, whist being single at New Year. With single people right at your fingertips, it's the perfect way to meet new people and have fun.

5.  Plan a work night out
If you've got your eye on someone at work and want a chance to spend some time with them, but you're not confident enough to ask them out alone, why not plan a party with your whole work team. Whether you go bowling, a restaurant, to a pub or bar, having people you are comfortable with around you might help you pluck up that courage to talk to the person you've been crushing over.


6. Have a singles night out
Grab all your single friends and go all out! Hit the pubs, bars and clubs and make sure you have a brilliant night out. Whether you meet someone new or not, you're bound to have a great night out regardless!

7. Make new friends at a local event
If partying and drinking isn't your thing, why not have a search of local events in your area that you could attend instead. Whether it's going to a concert, a musical, or even a restaurant event, you're bound to meet others and have a really enjoyable night out.

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8. Ask out your crush on a date
This might seem like a crazy idea, but surely if you know what you want, you'll want to get it. Think positively. You know the saying, "New year, new me" - use this attitude to your advantage to help gain confidence, courage and feel like you can do anything, especially asking out your crush on a date. You never know, it might go really well and you can thank yourself later!

9. Go speed dating with your single friends
Speed dating is a great way for you to really have some fun and meet potential partners in a more relaxed environment. You could grab a load of your single friends and make a great night of it. It's a super fast paced activity that you need to make an good impression and work out if you want to see someone again, and you might just get lucky!

10. Drinks at your local bar/pub
A pretty standard activity if you ask me. Get all your friends together and head down to your local. A great place to socialise, have fun and meet new people - this is a perfect way to spend New Years Eve.

How are you spending your New Years Eve?

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