Easy Everyday Casual Daytime Styling with FemmeLuxe

  AD - GIFTED | Whilst browsing the Femme Luxe website, I managed to pick three pieces that I wanted to style and share with you how I would wear each piece. I've picked some super casual pieces that I feel would be perfect for styling day to day. Each piece featured can be both dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion or time of day. For this blog post, I've chosen to style each piece in a more daytime appropriate, casual way.

Black Cuffed Cargo Trousers*Black Cuffed Cargo Trousers*

Cargo Trousers have been super popular over the last few months, and someone I definitely thought I wouldn't like to wear or find easy to style. But I was definitely wrong. This style of trouser makes a great alternative to jeans or leggings, and can be easily teamed with bodysuits, crop tops, oversized jumpers or simple tees.

Black High Waisted PU Leggings*Black High Waisted PU Leggings*

A perfect Winter wardrobe staple are PU Trousers and Leggings. A great way to make your outfit look more put together and dressy, as well as being pretty comfortable. PU trousers and leggings are very versatile when it comes to making an outfit - style them with hoodies and trainers, a nice top and heels, or even jumpers and boots.

Black Oversized Sweater Mini Dress*

Finally Sweat Dresses. The perfect go-to, quick and easy outfit when you are stuck for something to wear. Pair with heels, trainers or boots and your outfit is pretty much ready. I paired the sweat dress with a simple black belt just to help add some shape to the outfit, and accessorised with a layered necklace to tie the look together.

Have you tried Femme Luxe? Which outfit is your favourite?

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