How To Design A Creative Blog Header

AD| When it comes to designing your blog's layout, whether it be headers, banners or logos, being able to decide what features you want to use and adding your own creative aspects to these are what makes your blog stand out. The header of your blog is the first thing your readers will notice. This will set the tone and mood for your content and gives them a good idea for who you are as a blogger and what your site/content is all about. When it comes to designing and creating your blog header, there are many factors to take into consideration before coming up with your final design. Whether you decide to design your own blog header yourself, or opt for the help of a Web Design Agency, here are a few design top tips to consider.

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When designing a creative blog header, the use of colour, text and background images are some important features that you need to consider to really make something that is designed well and eye-catching. As well as this, the way you choose your layout and design is crucial in making a great blog header. For me, I like to create a variety of templates before I pick my final header design. This allows you to easily change parts of your header, and get it, so you're completely happy with it, before publishing it online.

Design Top Tips
1. Use the header when the background on your site is white. This makes it more clear, appealing and engaging with the reader.

2. Make sure to play around with correct sizing of your header and not have your header take up the entire space of your site. You don't want the whole first part of your site to just be a header, you would want to showcase some of your blog's content, so the reader can see what your site is all about.

3. Use colour carefully and avoid colour clashing. Colour is a great way to draw the eye in and express your personality and the entire vibe of your blog. Make sure to stick to a solid colour theme throughout your website to keep it clean and professional.

4. Keep it simple! Simple doesn't mean boring, it means purposeful, direct and clear. Remember, less is more. You ideally want a clean layout to your website, so avoid too much going on.

5. Take your time whilst in the design stage, as it can take time. Start with something that you feel works well for your blog. Maybe you have a favourite colour combination or font style. Try these out on multiple templates. Don't be afraid to change it little by little, until you are happy with the final outcome.

6. If you're unsure about the design you have created, then ask others around you for some advice and constructive criticism. Sometimes it's a good idea to take a step back and let others have a look at what you have created, as essentially they are all visitors to your site.
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Pictured is my current blog header. Before I managed to come to this design, I had a number of other designs that featured different fonts, different colours and a bunch of different layouts, but in the end I went for this creative and bold design. If I were to change the design, I would definitely head over to Design Bundles and see what creative ideas the site would inspire me with, from the use of SVGs, fonts, and backgrounds. SVGs are scalable vector graphic format and is used to display a variety of graphics online. They are simple plain text files, and these SVGs are used to describe lines, curves, shapes, colours, and text. You can scale vector images to any size that you need without losing the quality of the image. Vector images are best used for typography, logos, icons, or illustrations, which is perfect when you are designing creative layouts for your blog's website.

Below are some SVGs I would use in the future to help me produce new, bold designs for my blog header. There is such a range of designs and colours, that there would be something for everyone. I've found some really simple designs that I feel would be perfect to use when creating a blog header, making sure to keep it simple yet effective, in order to make the website appealing to visitors.

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The resources Design Bundles have to offer are great when you require some help to create these headers, logos, and banners for your website. Some of the benefits they have to offer include a large selection of exclusive deals on high quality premium design resources including logos, graphics, fonts, templates and much, much more. As well as these, Design Bundles also have a free design section to their website, which could be great if you are a new blogger looking to create some of your first designs and these resources include free SVGs, illustrations, backgrounds and much more. There's over 150,000 products to choose from, so why not have a look today!

How do you create your blog headers? Have you visited Design Bundles before?

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