How Artificial Intelligence Is Used In Social Media

                      AD| Artificial intelligence is making its way into nearly every industry, and social media is no exception. In 2020, Social media is continuing to take over our lives, with many of us glued to our laptop and phone screens. With consumers of social media constantly interacting and engaging online, whether that be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other website. AI is basically a form of computer science that create machines to automate certain tasks and make them more efficient and productive in modern life. AI-powered social media can help companies to measure and improve their brand, detect consumer preferences/trends, and understand target audiences.

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Artificial Intelligence enables those working in social media marketing to relate closely to their target audience, understand their preferences and helps them to connect to potential customers. This allows them target their adverts as well as create content that is more suited to their audience and more relatable to what they are searching/looking at. You may notice this when one day you are searching for a specific product/brand one day, and a few days later, you will be seeing adverts for them on your different social media platforms. Other ways you may find this use of AI include video recommendations on YouTube to product recommendations on websites and even songs on Spotify. All these use AI to collect data and target your preferences based on what you're searching.

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Social media platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook, all use artificial intelligence in some format which allows users to do certain things without any hassle. For example, Snapchat uses computer vision to allow users to be able to select multiple filters that can move with your face in real-time, to help create the perfect selfie or photograph. Twitter uses artificial intelligence to help with trending topics and hashtags, helping to keep tweets in order of relevance rather than ranking them in chronological order, making the site easier to follow and navigate. Finally Facebook, one of the biggest social media platforms uses machine vision systems and artificial intelligence to do absolutely everything. It can help to recognize your face in photos as well as suggest certain adverts to its users based on searches, to even suggesting people you may know based on your friends lists.

Another way artificial intelligence is used online is through the use of chatbots and live chat features on websites. Through this use of AI, users are able to simulate a conversation online, without the need to make a call to the company/brand, making it more convenient to ask questions or have any queries solved. Because who really wants to spend all day waiting for your call to be answered or being left on hold with some annoying music for hours. Chatbots use an AI-powered Natural Language Processing, enabling them chatbots to identify what is being said via text in the chat section, then deliver a response that matches. These chatbots are programmed to respond immediately, saving time and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence is a key component of social media and modern life. It's something that is constantly expanding, improving and evolving every single day, so who knows what will be created next?

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