7 Eyewear Trends To Look Out For In 2021

AD| Glasses are often thought of as a practical item rather than a fashion piece, but that’s the wrong way to look at it. Glasses are no different from any other accessory and you need to match them to the rest of your outfit. Just like any other fashion item, glasses trends change year on year and if you want your look to be relevant, you need to keep up. 

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When you are buying glasses, it is obviously important that you get the right lenses so you can see properly, but you also need to consider the style of the frames. Think about the colour and the material and how that fits with your overall style. Does it match your jewellery, for example? The shape is very important as well because wearing the wrong frame shape for your face will give the wrong look.

If you haven’t put much thought into your glasses before and you don’t really know what is fashionable at the moment, check out this list of glasses trends for the coming year. 

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Sustainable Materials 

Sustainability is big in all industries right now, including fashion and beauty. There are some amazing sustainable fashion brands out there trying to create beautiful pieces made from recyclable materials, and the last few years have seen an explosion in cruelty free, vegan cosmetics. Sustainability is equally important where glasses are concerned because a lot of glasses are made from plastic, which contributes to waste in a big way.

However, there are some great companies making glasses from sustainable materials like wood, and metal has long been a favourite choice for people that want something more durable. There are also brands that make glasses from recycled plastic from the oceans, so you can get a great pair of glasses and help to reduce plastic waste at the same time. So, next time you pick a pair of glasses, think about how they are made and where the materials come from. 

Bold Colour Patterns 

Bold colour patterns are very popular among glasses wearers right now. Although something minimalist can work, a lot of people are choosing to go for patterned frames instead. There are some great brands like Tory Burch, creating amazing lines that combine functionality and design with amazing style. You can check out their range here and see some of the vibrant designs that are available. If you are going to go bold, make sure to think about your overall style. Balance is key, so find colour schemes and patterns that work well with your favourite outfits and your other accessories. 

The Havana style is particularly popular right now, especially during the winter and autumn. These frames are characterised by warm browns and oranges and they’re perfect for anybody that likes to wear natural, earthy tones and is looking for a pair of glasses to match. 

Monochromatic Glasses 

If bold colours don’t suit your style, why not try another one of the latest glasses trends; monochromatic glasses. Monochromatic styles rarely go out of fashion because they’re simple and bold. A lot of people are going for matching frames and lenses, to create a monochromatic look in their eyewear as well. Lenses come in a range of colours, like yellow, sepia, blue, and black, so you can easily match them to the frames. You can still add a bit of pattern to the frames if you don’t want a completely minimalist look, or you can go plain for the simple but stylish effect. 

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Clear Glasses

Clear frames can make just as much of a statement as monochromatic or heavily patterned ones. Chunky, clear plastic frames are popular right now and they’re a good choice for anybody that wants a retro style but still wants something classy and elegant. This style works best when matched with simple outfits, but the beauty is, they work with almost anything. You are not tied down by the colour or pattern, so you can match them with any outfits and accessories and they will work just fine. If you don’t want your glasses to take away from the rest of your outfit, clear frames are a good choice. 

Large Frames 

People tend to be a bit scared of large frames when they’re buying glasses, but if you can pull them off, they look amazing. They make a real statement and wearing large glasses is a simple but effective way to change up your look and do something unexpected. Large sunglasses have long been a fashion staple that never really goes out of style, but you will get the same effect if you go big with your normal glasses too. If you are going to opt for large frames, it may be best to go for something plain. If you notice, most large sunglasses are plain black rather than having heavily patterned frames. This is because they can be overpowering if they are large and very brightly coloured. You don’t want your glasses to steal the show, but you do still want them to make a statement, so find a good balance and go for large, plain frames. 

Slim Frames 

Don’t worry if you don’t like the idea of wearing large frames and you want something more understated. You can still keep up with the latest trends because slim frames are still set to be very popular in the coming year. They are particularly good for people with an oval or triangular shaped face, but the style suits most people. Simple half frames or round glasses with a thin metal or wooden frame are very popular at the minute. These styles still offer the opportunity to add a burst of colour, so if you like the idea of monochromatic glasses but you don’t want anything that draws too much attention, look for a slim frame. 

However, if you have a round face, it’s best to avoid round frames. They will only exacerbate your face shape and highlight the soft edges too much. It’s better to wear square frames with sharper angles to balance things out a bit. There are some great square styles with slim frames out there and these are much better suited to anybody with a round face shape. 

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If you want a retro look that is still contemporary, you’re in luck because aviators are making a big comeback. They are always a popular choice for sunglasses but now they’re becoming fashionable for people that wear eyeglasses too. They’re perfect for people with a square shaped face because, even though they have a lot of length to them and they are quite bold, the rounded edges help to balance the shape of the face. They’re the perfect style for somebody that wants an everyday pair of glasses that offers something different and still makes a big statement, without being overpowering. This trend comes back around every few years, so a good pair of aviators will stand you in good stead. 

Choosing glasses is more difficult than people think. Before you start looking at any frames, it’s important that you know what your face shape is so you can select the right style. You should be looking for frames that balance your face shape instead of amplifying it. Once you have a clear idea of the shape, you can then start experimenting with some of these great eyewear trends to see what works for you. Just remember to consider your outfit as a whole and pick glasses that fit with your overall style. 

Follow these simple steps and your glasses become an amazing accessory rather than a functional item that you hate wearing. 

What are your favourite styles of sunglasses?

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