Why You Should Be Adding Dainty Pieces Into Your Jewellery Collection

AD - GIFTED | When it comes to jewellery, I keep my collection pretty basic as it's not something I tend to wear on an everyday basis. When I do incorporate jewellery into an outfit, I tend to wear pretty small and definitely more subtle pieces, as I find these much more comfortable to wear. When it comes to wearing minimalist jewellery, you don't want to get too fussy.

Top tips when picking dainty jewellery pieces

Pick simple, clean pieces. This allows you to make a statement with your jewellery choices whilst still being minimal. Think of it in terms of the saying "less is more".

Go bold with geometric design pieces. If you want to add some interest to your jewellery collection, incorporating chains with pendants might be something to go for. They help being some elegance to your outfit, whilst being super simplistic and easy to wear.

Stack your statement pieces. This styling technique can really take your basic outfit from 0 to 100 with minimal effort. Layering up 2 or 3 necklaces together is an easy way to make your jewellery stand out, whilst not being to loud and 'in your face'.

- Avoid mixing metals with necklaces. This is something I tend to stick to. When it comes to jewellery, I usually stick to gold as this is my preferred metal. I find by sticking to one metal for necklaces helps to pull the look together and makes it more sophisticated and classic.

Jewel Editions Necklace

A recent addition to my collection has been from Jewel Editions; an everyday jewellery company that combines quality materials, contemporary designs, and affordable prices. 
I decided to add the Gold Moon Necklace* into my collection as I thought it was the perfect addition to my minimal jewellery collection. 

This delicate gold necklace is a subtle and classic piece that can help add that hint of sparkle to any outfit. I've been wearing the necklace alone for a more simple, dainty look, or sometimes teaming it up with something a little more chunky for a more layered look. I find that when I mix different necklaces, it helps to create more of a statement piece that can really bring a more casual outfit to life.

Jewel Editions Gold Moon Necklace

"Representing changing seasons, the ebb and flow of the tide and a symbol of life in many faiths."

Why necklaces are the perfect outfit accessory

 They add interest to your outfit. Incorporating necklaces into your daily outfits can help add interest and sometimes be a conversation starter. With the right size and style, they can intrigue others to ask questions.

To dress up a more casual look. Adding statement pieces to casual outfits is the easiest way to take your look from day to night. A t-shirt and jeans might be a simple everyday outfit, but combine it with a statement necklace and some heels, and it's instantly more dressy.

They draw eyes up to your face. Having a focal point near your face will draw attention to it, and make other parts of your body/outfit less noticeable. 

What jewellery pieces do you have in your collections? What other style tips do you have?

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