Super Simple Smashed Avocado & Greek Feta Toast Recipe

With my first recipe post of 2021, I wanted to start focusing on sharing some of my favourite, "healthier" recipes to help inspire those looking to try out new things. With the start of the new year, many of us are looking to change our lifestyle habits, change our diets and improve the way we eat. Rather than making drastic changes to our diets, smaller and more maintainable adjustments can be better overall, as we are more likely to stick to them and they are a more sustainable way of living. Something I'd like to focus more on in 2021 is creating new recipes and using new ingredients in order to branch out my culinary skills and to try new foods. 

Luckily for me, I'm not very fussy when it comes to trying new things and there isn't many foods that I actually don't like, so it's extremely easy for me to find a new recipe and follow it. But for this post, I wanted to share a favourite of mine for when you're lacking inspiration and want to make something super quick, doesn't require many ingredients and is pretty tasty too! 

For me, avocado toast is a great alternative snack for when you're in a hurry or struggling for new ideas come breakfast or lunch time. If you need your meal ready in under 10 minutes, this is your go-to recipe for sure! There's so many options for additional toppings, you'll be spoilt for choice. Sometimes I like to have it plain as shown in this recipe post, other times I can enjoy it with smoked salmon and boiled eggs, with chargrilled vegetables and balsamic glaze, but you can make it over and over again, and the recipe will never always have to be the same. If you're looking for a super quick and easy healthy snack option, look no further. Bursting with flavour, give this lightly spiced and super garlicky Avocado And Feta Toast a try and tell me what you think!

Avocado & Feta Toast Recipe

Prep time: 8 minutes               Cooking time: 2 minutes
Total time: 10 minutes                                   Serves: 1

2 medium slices of bread
1 ripe avocado
dried chilli flakes
garlic granules
black pepper
lemon juice
2 tbsp feta cheese
Olive Oil
Optional extras - smoked salmon, eggs, sliced red onion, cherry tomatoes, black olives or chargrilled peppers

Avocado & Feta Toast Recipe

1. Cut your avocado in half and add into a small bowl. With a fork, slowly start to break the avocado down.
2. Sprinkle over the garlic granules, chilli flakes, salt, pepper, and lemon juice and mash until chunky.
You can also add a splash of oil olive too if you prefer it creamier.
3. Place your slices of bread in the toaster, cook until golden brown.
4. When toast is ready, spread avocado mixture over each slice. Add your optional extras here. 
5. Top your toasts with crumbled feta cheese.
Add a drizzle of Olive Oil, and an extra sprinkling of chilli flakes for that extra kick!

Avocado & Feta Toast Recipe

Enjoy your Avocado And Feta Toast!

What are you current go-to breakfast and lunch recipes?

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing!! Definitely giving this a try x