7 Things To Do Whilst On Furlough During COVID-19 Pandemic

Until 2020, many of us had not even have heard of the term 'furlough' before - but due to the coronavirus pandemic, many individuals have had to stop going to work and stay home for the foreseeable future. Being placed on furlough may come as quite a shock, a lifestyle change bringing with it many anxieties and uncertainties about your future, but you shouldn't let that worry you and try to make the most out of your time out of work. 

Everyone will definitely use this time off for different reasons, some choose to better themselves and learn new skills, some may take up some new hobbies or even just a time to have a total reset and switch off from work life. Whatever you choose to do shouldn't be an issue, and you shouldn't feel like you need to do better in life, as living during the current pandemic is hard enough. But here is a small list of 7 things you can do to feel productive, less stressed and motivated during your furlough period.

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1. Reach Out To Friends and Family
Speaking to others during this time is the best way to share your current feelings and thoughts, as the majority of the people around you are all in the same boat. Even if your friends/family aren't furloughed, we are all living under lockdown rules and regulations, so during these uncertain times talking with your loved ones may help calm your anxieties and help with any mental health issues you may currently be dealing. Texting, calling, facetimes or a 2020 favourite of a zoom call can help ease loneliness and isolation fears, ensuring you have some social contact, even if it is virtually online, will make you feel a lot better and will also kill some time during your time off. You never know, by reaching out to someone could be the highlight of their day and just what they needed to lift their spirits.

2. Pick Up/Start New Hobbies
Use your furlough time to fall back in love with a hobby of yours that you simply didn't have time for whilst working, or even start something new to fill the hours in your time off. This is the perfect opportunity to use your furlough period wisely and take some time out of your normal daily routine to enjoy something that you love or something you want to get into. Whether it's arts and crafts, sports, cooking or learning a new language, the opportunities are endless!

3. Declutter
We’re all stuck at home in lockdown, so now is the time to do that spring clean that you’ve been putting off for months and get rid of any clutter/rubbish that's currently in your home. The quote "tidy house, tidy mind" is very relevant here and a phrase we all know, but having a tidy living/working environment can really help channel some positivity into your daily life during these uncertain times.

4. Exercise
Exercise is super important for your overall wellbeing but also your mood and mental health. It can also help you to destress, feel less anxious, tone up and lose weight. There's so many different types of exercise you can do, and especially with the lockdown rules, going out for daily walks or working out from home has become extremely popular. Another thing you may consider looking into is browsing YouTube and finding a whole variety of workout videos and routines, suitable for all ages and abilities.

5. Learn To Cook/Bake New Things
Spending more time at home means you have additional time for things like cooking and baking. I know during my time off, I've loved experimenting with different ingredients and recipes, to help expand my culinary skills. Even if you're not so great in the kitchen, being on furlough will allow you to spend time on learning to cook, trying new foods and recipes, and just giving you that time to boost your cooking skills. Cooking something can give you something to look forward to, and gives you that sense of achievement when it turns out great. The internet is full of delicious recipes, I tend to browse the BBC Good Food sight when in need of inspiration, so if there's a particular dish or cuisine that you would like to make for yourself, the time is now!

6. Make Time For Self Care
Many of us were already feeling isolated and struggling with the lockdown, but being furloughed might have taken it to another level and cause many worries for lots of people. But it's definitely important that this doesn't affect your health and mind too much. Practising self care is definitely an essential at the moment, and even the little things can help to improve, refresh and re-focus your body/mind. I recently wrote a post about lockdown beauty hacks that may be worth a read if you're looking for something new to try during the current lockdown. Similar to this, I've also written a lot of content about pamper nights and products I would recommend when you're in the need for some relaxation.

7. Online Courses
Have you ever wanted to learn something new or improve your life/career prospects? Taking up an online course is a great way to use your furlough time productively, it allows you to study from home, helps you learn something new, and can be a beneficial addition to your CV. There are so many courses out there that I'm sure there will be one suitable for everyone. Many website also offer incredible discounts at the moment, or even some free qualifications which is perfect for those on a reduced furlough wage.

What things have you been getting up to on furlough?

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  1. Definitely agree with all these. Ever since the first Lockdown, I've been trying to attend online courses on the activities that I'm interested in. I haven't been exercising at all, and thanks to this post, I definitely will try to get that going on. Thanks again! x

  2. Online courses are such a great shout to make you feel like you're achieving something if you're quite a driven person! Personally, I've loved decluttering the house :)

    Katy | www.katystephenson.com

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